Month: May 2018

Is it Possible to Send Whatsapp Messages to People that are not in your Contacts Queue?

I am very sure that, whatsapp does not need any introduction. Everyone that possesses smart phone uses whatsapp for messaging and calling purpose. Just the internet connection is enough to send messages or make a call to anyone that is either in your country or overseas, this is why people would love to use whatsapp […]

No spoilers review for Deadpool 2

Let me tell you that I am still high on the movie while writing this review. “The Real Heroes” (the writers of the movie) have weaved yet another snarky masterpiece in the second edition of the blasphemous superhero fiction- Deadpool 2. Ryan Reynolds playing the chatty, impulsive, man-child mercenary; the first part was a test […]

Why to choose the Alkaline Diet for a healthier life?

Our bodies have a pH balance, which is a measure of the acidity in our blood. The pH level determines our overall state of health – and whether or not we’re at risk for serious illness. This pH scale ranges from 0 to 14 as far as our blood is concerned. Zero is considered to […]

ab de villiers announces retirement

Star Cricketer AB de Villiers announces retirement from international cricket

South African right handed megastar- Abraham Benjamin de Villiers aka AB de Villiers (34) has decided to quit international cricket. This announcement of retirement was followed by the exit of his Indian Premiere League (IPL) team- Royal Challengers Bangalore from its worthwhile 11th season. He is best known for his exceptional batting and pyrotechnics in […]

11 Fun things to do this summer

It is the season of sun again and just as the days get brighter; my spirits go up high too! I for one root for summer season more than any other season because the days are longer brighter and you can use most of your time and potential because no runny nose or frequent cold […]

Upcoming Mobiles with Price List in India 2018

The most wanted Cell Phones in India are Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, LG and many more. All these cell phones are so easily available in the market, that, we can choose whatever we like. Even we can book the cell phones in the market before it release. The benefits regarding this system from […]

Sachin Tendulkar at Breakfast with Champions

Sachin Tendulkar at Breakfast with Champions: Episode 1

Sachin Tendulkar at Breakfast with Champions with Gaurav Kapoor.  Courtesy: Breakfast with Champions

Sonam Kapoors Wedding

All You Need to Know About Sonam Kapoor’s Wedding

Sonam Kapoor, the Bollywood diva and the daughter of Anil Kapoor, has got married to the businessman Anand Ahuja on Tuesday, May 8, 2018. The groom Anand Ahuja is a Delhi Based industrialist. Both Sonam and Anand have been in love since from 2 years. Once they got approval from their family, they both decided […]

“Smile” Breaking the 5 precept of Dating

“Take after The Rules” The portrait of dating and relationships has changed quite a bit over the decades. Heck, it’s changed over the last few years alone. People who have hitherto been bound by cultural norms are finding their voices, breaking the smothering and overwhelming rules once hurled at them, and deciding that the best […]

Long distance relationship

10 Best Ways to keep your Long distance Relationships Happy

Long distance love feels too distant now? Here are ten ways to keep the flame burning: “Absence makes the heart grow fonder “someone rightly said. Long distance relationships are interesting because of the geographical twist; the never-ending longing continues to pierce through your conscience every time. At times it becomes necessary to showcase a little […]