Month: August 2018

An Overview of Ceragem Therapy

What is Ceragem Therapy? Ceragem Therapy is the foremost and single massager, which scans the span of your spine and offers a fully tailored massage, relieving arthritis pain, relaxing muscles and increase energy with good blood circulation. Infrared Heat and rollers is the main feature of Ceragem Massage, which help in healing and improving overall […]

Are We Still Independent? Read Out more on 71st Independence Day

It has been decades since India let itself free from the shackles of the British rule.Yet, on the day of 15th August every year all of us Indians feel enlightened to be a part of this free country. Also we hold our heads high with immense pride in our eyes for all those individuals, all […]

Sports Books And Their Impact On Life

Sports is a form of activity or game which is played with the aim of maintaining physical ability or skills, a game in which people do certain physical activities according to a specific set of rules and compete against each other. A sport in general is a physical activity which is played sometimes between individuals, […]

World History Books: Why You should Read them?

In general, reading is a good habit. We have so many books to read, among that reading the world history is something that remains interesting, informative and knowledge-seeking. As you all know that, history is the study of past event, cultures, religions, people and more. If you read the world history books, you would come […]

Marketing Books- An Elixir to Success

Marketing is an activity or process of creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. In simple words marketing is an activity through which a company let their target customers know about their product and induces them to buy their product. Marketing is considered as backbone […]

Mystery and Suspense Books: Why You should Read them?

With no doubts, people enjoy reading the mysteries – do you know why? It is because, naturally, we all have that hidden character in ourselves to become a part of the mystery or puzzled story. When we read books, we will relate ourselves to any of the character of the story. The same point applies […]

Indian History Books

Indian History Books: Are You Aware About History?

Indian History Books: Learn What & Why You Should Read Them. Impact Of Indian History:  “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots” by Marcus Garvey. History is referred to as an academic principle which is used as a narrative to analyze a sequence of […]