All that you need to know about Liquid Diets

Losing weight has gradually become a worldwide accepted trend. Unlike other hard ways to lose weight, how about trying a program wherein loss of weight is guaranteed with minimal effort? Sounds like an unrealistic yet win-win situation right?
This has been made possible by Liquid Diets. Let’s find out what all does it include, its safety and whether it actually works.

What is a Liquid Diet?
No hard guesses, just as the name suggests, most of the dietary intake of a person would be through liquids.

Although a few of such diets limit themselves to fruit and vegetable juices, others also include a variety of shakes that are capable of replacing almost all three- four meals in a day.

Some programs of this diet encourage the intake of liquids through your breakfast and lunch but end the day with a relaxed and healthy dinner.

Safety of Liquid Diets:
Unlike what we expect, most liquid diets are nutritious and sufficient. However one must be extra cautious with these diets, the lack of even a single essential nutrient may lead to fatigue, dizziness, and weakness.

Even on missing a few key fibres can make a person get constipated.

Thus, it is strongly recommended to adopt a liquid diet only after consulting a dietitian or a doctor.

Results of Liquid Diets

Like any other diet which assists one in shedding a few calories, Liquid Diets work equally well. The long-term results of this diet are however doubtful. Since a person metabolism slows down to keep a fair share of energy in the body, the person is expected to regain the weight once he/she is off the diet.

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