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What is an Art?

Art refers to any form of creative expression that enhances the beauty and artistic value. It is a form of expressing the creative energy bound within and acts as a guided outlet resulting in a beautiful output. Basically, there are many forms of expression. It might be through music or dance or otherwise it might take place through painting or acting. Any artistic expression of life can be termed as art. In a guided form it enhances beauty and aesthetics.

Differences between Creative Arts and Functional Arts

Creative arts focus on the expression of creative energy. It comes with an aesthetic value and basically practiced for the enhancement of aesthetics. Functional art can be utilized for earning a livelihood. It also has its aesthetic value and often pursued as the profession.

Different Forms of Art

  • Dance
    Dance is a popular form of art that includes guided movements of the body and limbs. There are many forms of dance and this popular form is performed as a form of celebration and mental healing.
  • Hobby and Craft
    Hobbies are not art in that sense but if your hobby includes any artistic crafts then it becomes art. Craft is a part of functional art that can be pursued as a profession.
  • Photography
    To capture the artistic beauty of life in a still form is also a type of art that became very popular in the beginning. Nowadays it has also a great potential in functional art.

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