Avengers: Infinity war smashing the records on box office

Marvel is back to provide the best dose of entertainment to all superhero fans with Avengers Infinity war. This time, they are taking it to the next level by collecting all the superheroes of Avengers series and Guardians of the Galaxy series. Heroes are together to beat the super villain Thanos and it is quite hard for all of the heroes because of the power of Thanos.

It was not easy to combine all these superheroes against one villain with a perfect storyline. However, they got success to create the perfect storyline to stop the audience to make an eye-blink during the whole movie. In the ending of the movie, you may find a shocking and heartbreaking moment when more than half of the superhero characters slaughtered by Thanos.


Currently, Avengers: Infinity war is creating the milestones at the box office and it is a worldwide blockbuster, breaking the box office records of other movies all over the world. Avengers is not only appreciated by Marvel fans but it is also appreciated by critics all over the world because of a good storyline and mind-blowing VFX and action sequence between all the superheroes and super villain Thanos.

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