Audi A3: Learn before you buy Audi A3

Audi A3

Audi A3 is another of those perfectly designed masterpieces of Audi, the luxury car manufacturer from Germany. It has been tailor-made to meet your premium needs and be your dream car. It falls in the category of a compact luxury sedan. Audi brought it to the market in 1996 using the Volkswagen Group MQB platform for its third generation variants. It has also bagged a number of Awards, the most notable being the World Car of the year taking into consideration its incredible performance.

The Exterior and Interior

The Exteriors

  • This car is all about being sleek and sporty with its graceful and appealing exterior.
  • It has an option of having Xenon Plus headlamps or full LED headlamps. Along with this it has its own signature design od large grill along with a notable spoiler edge. All in all, the car gets a rather confident look.
  • A tweaked rear bumper, dual exhaust and the real combination lights give it the perfect sporty look.
  • The wheels come with a range of 16”-19” giving the car and its owner a steady driving experience.
  • This car is specifically very precise in its dimensions i.e. 4456mmX1796mmX1416mm (LengthXwidthXHeight). The length of the wheelbase is 2637mm.

One needs to insure the exterior parts like the bumpers, headlamps, windshields etc considering they are very expensive. It is also recommended that the accessories are also insured duly.

The Interiors

  • The leatherd steering wheel is multi-functional and ensures precise steering experiences.
  • It has a panel which is touch-sensitive and 5.8” pop-out display or a 7” display (optional) adding to its precise intuitiveness.
  • The seats strapped with leather are an epitome of comfort and luxury.
  • The sound-system is impeccably superior in quality.
  • The ambience in the interior is modified with a panoramic sunroof along with a electronic control system (dual-zone)
  • The boot space in the car is quite decent i.e. 425 litres

The advanced systems of infotainment inside the car and the safety features like ABS, ECS, engine immobilizer etc, which are quite high-end, need to have proper insurance.  The expensive price of the car makes the insurance of Invoice Cover a very wise decision. The risk of theft is covered by the anti-theft system of the car itself.


  • Engine Variant
  • 40 TFSI Petrol
  • 35 TDI Diesel
  • Engine (displacement)
  • Inline, 4-cylinder (1798 cc)
  • Inline, 4-cylinder (1968 cc)
  • Power Output (kW @ rpm)
  • 132 @ 5100-6200
  • 110 @ 3500-4000
  • Torque (Nm @ rpm)
  • 250 @ 1600-4400
  • 320 @ 1750-3000
  • Transmission
  • 7-speed S Tronic
  • 6-speed S Tronic


It has four cylinders along with 40 TFSI engines giving it a max output power of 132 kW. It’s great suspension makes sure the terrains  impede the driving experience no matter the jagged they are.

This car gives a tough competition to the CLA Class Mercedes cars. The car is quite expensive and also high maintenance, which warrants an entry level damage system.

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