Enjoy memes, even if I am being spoken against: PM Modi to Akshay Kumar

Modi with Akshay

In the midst of political propagandas, stage shows and constant rallies, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a rather unexpected turn the other day. On Wednesday, at 9 AM Narendra Modi’s non- political interview with one of bollywood’s biggest, Mr. Akshay Kumar was broadcasted live on television. It made its way to every small and big television channel and social media platform.

Looking back at it, the interview was rather a hint of relief for audiences during these times of elections. Assorted with fun, stories and “chutkules (jokes)”, the interview was more of a life story on PM Narendra Modi.

Apart from the general chit chats, what caught our and everyone else attention was Narendra Modi’s take on his memes. Well, we have seen Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities reacting on their own memes but never expect the same from our Prime Minister. The memes included some very interesting and rather worthy ones.

Memes were an integration of Akshay Kumar’s question about PM Narendra Modi’s take on social media and memes. Narendra Modi was quick and quirky in his reply saying social media is a medium that allows him to stay connected to the masses. Due to his active presence on social media he often witnesses memes and have seen quite a few of his own. Akshay Kumar then pulled some memes out on his tablet and asked PM Narendra Modi if he has seen any of those, Modi was surprised looking at some of those memes while others made him laugh hysterically.

The segment was brief but humorous with a lot of “memes”. Similarly, there were other fun and refreshing segments in what was an hour long interview with PM Narendra Modi. The interview can easy go as one of television biggest events.

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