India vs Australia 2nd ODI Nagpur Tickets: Getting Blacked?

If these India vs Australia 2nd ODI Nagpur Tickets are Getting Blacked, If not the Authority, Who will take Responsibility?

In a majestic performance, team India snatched the first win against Australia in the First ODI of the 5-match series held at Hyderabad. Although the top order couldn’t contribute much, India won with MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma leading the team from the forefront. While Rohit hit a century, Dhoni managed to make a half-century and took the team to win this crucial match against Australia.

The Indian team will Australia in the second ODI to be held in Nagpur on 5th of March. With the Indian side leading the series by 1-0, it will be a moment of joy for the fans of the Indian team. Cricket is a craze in the Nagpur city and the old Vidarbha Cricket Association has put the tickets on for selling. As usual, the tickets are sold out very fast and to the disappointment of many fans, those tickets are going to be sold in the black market at a higher price.

Nagpur has madness in terms of cricket. During an international match, the stadium remains full leaving the other entertainment places like the shopping mall or restaurants empty. Such is the craze in this city that people wait on line for one or two days before. Happened during the world cup 2011 India vs South Africa round game.

But the city is also notorious for one other reason. Rampant blacking of tickets takes place without any cognizance of the Vidarbha Cricket Association. The tickets are bought by the public and mostly youngsters at the original low rate. After that, they sell the tickets at a price double-triple than the original. Sometimes the price goes 10 times higher during a crucial match. This shady business leads to the ultimate disappointment of the cricket fans.

The Way Out

In order to stop this rampant illegal business, arrangements have been made for online booking of the tickets. is a platform that sells the tickets at the original rate. This gives a relief to the cricket fans as they can now buy the tickets at the original place without paying any extra charge.

Be it the North Wing Bay U or the Level 1 Corporate Boxes, you can choose from the available seats and pay accordingly. The rates start at INR 500 and soar as high as INR 10000. But one thing is assured that this is the original price that you will get at the counter of VCA.

With, students can buy tickets at the original price for seating arrangements in the Level Ground of East Wing Bay A, B, C, and D. Students below 15 are eligible for these tickets but they must carry a valid ID card.

The rate for North Wing Bay T L4 is INR 1300. While you will get a seat in NW Bay T Level 3 at INR 2000. The rate is the same for Level Ground 4 SW Bay G, I, L. But all the Level 3 South Wing Bay will come at INR 4000. The price of South Wing L, M, N Level Ground is INR 5000.

Tickets for Level Ground North Wing Bay T, V, K come at a price of INR 6000. Level Ground South Wing Bay G and H seats come at INR 7500 for each. And now the favorite place to watch the match- Level 2 North Wing Bay U. The tickets for these seats can be purchased at a price of INR 10000.

This is really good news for cricket lovers in Nagpur city as they can buy their tickets at the original price. is also offering movie voucher worth INR 200 on minimum purchase of INR 600.

Coming back to the primary concern, selling tickets at the black market outside the Nagpur stadium is a rampant and well-known thing. The perpetrators run this business by collecting the tickets earlier in a bulk. After that, they try to sell them through their acquaintances and sources. You will find such people, they wait outside the stadium and sell the tickets at a much higher price than the original.

Their business grows during a crucial match or during a momentous turn in the match going on. Nowadays, youngsters have been involved in the process and the popular method they resort to selling the tickets is putting the demanded prices on social media. Either through Facebook or Whatsapp, they do the bidding and sell at a whopping price. The screenshots given below show the shameful face of this business. It can be seen tickets worth INR 2000 are being sold at INR 2500.

Who is Responsible?

Now, the ultimate question is how long will this continue? How long will the real fans suffer at the hands of a few black-marketers? The actual fans have to compromise and shell out much higher to watch their favorite players in action. This is really a very alarming situation.

The question arises who will stop this illegal business. Does the responsibility of VCA stop after selling the tickets? Is not the BCCI aware of this? Cannot it be stopped?

If BCCI discourages match-fixing by the players, is not a kind of perpetration of the same level?

No one can deny this should stop. Arrangements need to be done so that these black marketers cannot get the chance to do this. And this can be done by the Vidarbha Cricket Association.

In order to stop this nuisance, VCA can follow the footsteps of Mumbai Cricket Association. There is no such black-marketing in the Wankhede Stadium I have observed. The ticketing system in this stadium is very secure and free of illegality.

Mumbai Cricket Association does not sell the tickets beforehand. Instead, it arranges for online booking and the customers with soft copies of the tickets. Upon these soft copies, the names of the customers are displayed.

The original tickets have to be collected by them on the match day. This also frees them of the hassle of standing in the lines. Thus, the Mumbai Cricket Association keeps its ticketing system fair from black-marketing.

Of course, this is a strategically devised plan to stop the same nuisance. Those who deserve should be benefitted at no extra cost. This should be the same with Nagpur stadium. If the ticketing is done online, the black-marketer cannot buy more than one ticket and that too cannot be sold. One ticket against a person will benefit everyone.

So, without any delay, Vidarbha Cricket Association should start online ticketing or it can take help of online systems like Only this way the perpetrators can be discouraged from earning money through illegal means. This should not go on.

It is no doubt, the real fans should get the first benefits. They often stand in the long queue and wait for hours. They should not suffer and compromise to watch their favorite match. Those who are eager to watch the match should get the tickets at the original price. Vidarbha Cricket Association should ensure these.

– A Frustated Cricket Fan.

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