• When a car is insured, it can be legally run on the roads of India.
  • No stress as damages are covered under insurance of the car
  • Medical expenses are also covered in some policies.
  • Overall the insurance of a car reduces the financial losses.

Maruti Suzuki India Limited or Maruti Udyog Limited (former name) is a well-established and known manufacturer of automobiles in India. This is a subsidiary unit of motorcycle and car manufacturer, the Suzuki Motor Corporation. The Indian giant manufactures popular cars like Ignis, Baleno RS & Baleno, Omni, Wagon R, Celerio, Alto, Eeco, Alto 800, Swift Dzire, and Swift.

The company’s headquarter is located in the capital, New Delhi. The share of Maruti Suzuki as of 2018, July was over 53% of the market of passenger cars in India. Maruti 800 was the product of Maruti which was the first car for passengers in India in 1983 and thereafter the company has never looked back. Then Maruti designed and manufactured the most affordable sedan model in the country, Maruti Swift Dzire. The company is known for its vehicles giving less maintenance performance.


  • Maruti Suzuki Omni
    Omni is a 5-seater car. It is an MPV model with two variants and the range starts from 2.72 lakhs INR. Lend headlamps (clear), Adjustable headrest, Good space for Interiors and fuel efficiency are the major features of Maruti Suzuki Omni. It is presently available in more than 4 colours and gives a mileage of 17 kmpl.
  • Maruti Suzuki Eeco
    Eeco is a 5-seater car. It is an MPV model with three variants with 1 CNG and 2 petrol models. It is presently available in 6 colours and gives a mileage of 15 kmpl to 20 kmpl. It is preferred by many because of its high efficiency of fuel.
  • Maruti Suzuki Alto 800
    This car is a hatchback model manufactured by Maruti. It is available in more than 10 variants with 2 CNG and 8 petrol models and gives a mileage around 24.7 kmpl. It is a 5-seater with manual transmission. It comes in six colours and the range starts from 2.53 lakhs INR.
  • Maruti Suzuki Alto K10
    A hatchback model with a seating capacity of five people. It offers an excellent mileage of 32 kmpl. It comes in five colours and the range starts from 3.31 lakhs INR. It is available in 8 variants with 1 CNG and 7 petrol models.
  • Maruti Suzuki Swift
    It is a popular hatchback model in India since its launch in 2005. The petrol variant of this car offers a mileage of 18.7 kmpl and its diesel variant gives 25 kmpl.
  • Maruti Suzuki Wagon R

The car has presently more than 20 lakh customers because of its strong performance and installed advanced features. One of the most preferred hatchbacks in the country gives mileage around 20.5 kmpl and has got 12 variants in 7 colours.

  • Maruti Suzuki Ignis
    Another hatchback from the house of Maruti Suzuki. It gives an excellent mileage of 21 kmpl. The car has got petrol and diesel variant along with manual and automatic transmission. It has 13 variants with 6 colours which are; Glistening Grey, Silky Silver, Pearl Arctic White, Tinsel, Blue W/Arctic White, Uptown Red W/Midnight Black, Tinsel Blue, Tinsel Blue W/Midnight Black, Urban Blue, Tinsel Blue and Uptown Red. 
  • Maruti Suzuki Celerio X
    A sporty, elegant, young and stylish hatchback car gives a mileage around 23.1 kmpl. The engine capacity of the car is 998 cc. The range starts from 4.75 lakhs INR. It is available in 8 variants in 5 colours.
  • Maruti Suzuki Celerio
    A classy and stylish blend of contemporary design and technology, a car with a hatchback door that gives a stunning look to the customers. Celerio comes with a total of 14 variants which includes 2 CNG and 12 petrol cars. This Maruti Suzuki model has a starting price of Rs. 4.21 lakhs, and are available in 6 colours.
  • Maruti Suzuki Vitara Breeza
    An SUV car with an exciting and glamorous design. It has made a new bold statement into the whole range of SUVs in India. It has a mighty engine capacity of 1248 cc with a mileage of 24.29 kmpl. It comes in 6 variants with 9 colour options with the starting price of Rs. 7.74 lakhs. Breeza SUV comes with the add-ons of dual handbags, projector headlamps and a better cruise control system, that has brought it to the top of the charts in the Indian automobile market.
  • Maruti Suzuki Baleno

An impressive hatchback car with a mileage of 21.4 kmpl, Baleno is an instalment in the standard Baleno by Maruti that is an upgraded and a sportier version. With a starting price of Rs. 5.47 lakhs, this car has also come with a balanced driving dynamics and ABS standard and the infotainment system.


  • Maruti Suzuki Ertiga
    A high-performance car with a design that suits your driving. It is a perfect blend of class and technology. It has the capacity for the 7. The fuel efficiency system that it has, with the features of automatic climate control and a smart infotainment system and the air-cooled cup holders adds in making it the best among the SUV cars in India. It is available in 10 variants with the 5 colour choices vis-a-vis magma grey, Oxford blue, Auburn red and others.


  • Maruti Suzuki Gypsy
    With a seating capacity of 8, this SUV is one of the most affordable and popular SUVs in India. The starting price of Gypsy in India is Rs. 6.48 Lakhs. The engine capacity of the Maruti Gypsy car is 1298 cc with the mileage of 11.96 kmpl. It comes in 2 variants with 5 colour choices namely blue, silver, grey, white and red.
  • Maruti Suzuki Dzire
    This Maruti Suzuki model of Dzire gives you a proper classy look, being a sedan car and having a mileage of 22-28 kmpl. The price range of this car in India is Rs. 5.6 lakhs. This model comes with a number big as 16 in its variants; 8 petrol and 8 diesel cars. The colour choices it comes with is 6. It is available in both automatic and manual transmission modes.
  • Maruti Suzuki S-cross
    An intelligent blend of comfort, design and inspiring style with the cutting-edge technology, Suzuki S-cross have a crossover body design which gives it a different and aspiring adventurous look. It has an engine capacity of 1248 cc and a mileage of 24 kmpl. The starting price of S-cross in India is almost Rs.8.85 lakhs (price may vary according to the market and state).
  • Maruti Suzuki Ciaz
    A perfect sedan car for the 7 and it also comes in 7 colours. This model, Ciaz is available in 11 variants which include 7 petrol and 4 diesel cars. It has an engine capacity range from 1248 to 1462 cc, which offers a mileage of 20.28 to 28.09 kmpl. The starting price of Maruti Ciaz in India is Rs. 8.19 lakhs. The car comes with a LED fog lamp, with adjustable Also, rear reading lamp and an automatic LED projector headlamp to add to its features.


  1. What will happen if the wrong information is provided during the insurance of Maruti Suzuki?

Ans: If you do so, you will have to rectify the mistakes as soon as possible. Otherwise, the papers won’t be valid for the insured car.

  1. What are the add-ons one should look for while renewing the car insurance of Maruti Suzuki?

Ans: Zero Depreciation, Engine Protector and Return to Invoice are few add-ons which you can look out for while renewing the insurance

  1. Is inspection of a vehicle mandatory after the insurance policy of Maruti Suzuki car has expired?

Ans: Yes, you will have to go for a vehicle inspection to renew.

  1. From where should one buy or renew the car insurance of Maruti Suzuki?

Ans: You can buy the insurance for your Maruti Suzuki from an agent, a broker or directly from the insurance company. While online insurance policy offers additional benefits as compared to other means.

  1. What’s the difference between comprehensive and third-party car insurance?

Ans: The comprehensive car policy covers theft, vandalism and fire of your car. Also, it covers the damages due to cyclone, earthquakes, flood and riots kind of natural disasters. Along with it, it covers the legal liability due to property or bodily harm occurred by the car to any third person or party.

Whereas, in third party-policy, only the third party is covered for any damages because of the car.


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