Top 15 Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh To Satisfy Your Wanderlust

Top 15 Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh

Humans crave escapism and lust for wonder; thankfully, nature can overwhelmingly satiate our appetite for thrill, beauty, and adventure. The snowy peaks of Himachal Pradesh hide within them a paradise unlike no other in Incredible India; however, their true beauty manifests only during the winter months of December and January. For those who desire to stare upon the majesty of the Himalayas, spellbound by its sheer size and glory, Himachal may seem like a fragment of heaven left unblemished on Earth.

Rohtang La

Rohtang La should provide you with a fulfilling experience for those who wish to escape the monotony of their daily lives and taste the spicy flavors, thrill, and excitement. Close to Manali, the Rohtang Pass lies within the calming embrace of Mother Nature; it harbors the true essence of Himachal Pradesh to its core. 

Things to do in Rohtang La

  • Are you a fan of exciting bike rides? Try riding up the slippery slopes of Rohtang with your friends, daring the snow-covered curves.  However, you must apply for a permit; the roads remain open only for a few months. 
  • Try paragliding and Heli-Skiing in December, fuel the adventurer within yourself.

How to reach Rohtang La?

To reach this Heaven on Earth, the best way is to proceed by road from Manali.


For lovers of trekking, Kufri can pull you into a world of adventure and discovery! You can experience a series of phenomenal views; scenes, so unbelievably breathtaking that it may resemble something magical, out of a fairytale, while climbing your way up. Despite its size, the hill-station holds unparalleled magnificence. 

Things to do in Kufri

  • In December, try trekking when a carpet of snow adorns the roads, and the temperature may range from -10 to -4 degrees Celsius.

How to reach Kufri?

You can reach Kufri with ease; you need to either opt for a cab, or board a bus that will take you directly from Shimla to your destination! The Shimla-Kalka toy train gets favoured by tourists.   

Spiti Valley  

A cold desert may hold a different kind of beauty; within the extremities of nature, it blooms an essence of serenity, unlike anywhere else in the world. Spiti Valley blissfully harbors that serenity, especially visible within the reflection of the many snow-clad peaks surrounding the Chandratal Lake. The sight will surely leave you transfixed, unable to go or forget. 

Things to do in Spiti valley

  • Camp right next to the lake. 
  • Go for an exciting river-rafting session.

How to reach Spiti Valley?

The best way for you to reach Spiti would be a wonderful road trip from Manali! 


The hamlet of Kasol stands out as the begotten daughter of the majestic Kullu District; her beauty remains unparalleled. Amongst its sisters in the Parvati Valley, Kasol dominates the banks of the Parvati River, attracting trekkers and casual tourists.

Things to do in Kason

  • You can gaze at its massive green plains, surrounded by a mountainous abode at 1580 meters above the standard sea level, absorbing the enormity of Mother Nature within yourself.  
  • At Kasol, you can safely camp beside the Parvati River. 
  • Enter the Kheerganga trek route, kickstarting your adventures. 

How to reach Kasol?

Once at Bhuntar, you can opt for a bus-ride; however, the service runs from 8am-6pm. Tourists from Manali can either book a cab, or opt for a similar bus-service.     


Are you saving thousands for a trip to Switzerland unknown to the beauty that lies within India’s mountain ranges? You can experience much more than what Switzerland offers at Khajjiar, especially in the winter months of December and January. 

Things to do in Khajjiar

  • With temperatures ranging between 5 and 12 degrees Celsius, you can witness a phenomenal snowfall while surrounded by an almost heavenly ambiance. 
  • Tourists can visit the Mochan and Jakhu Temples. 
  • You can trek along the Rohtang Pass.

How to reach Khajjiar?

You can reach Khajjiar with ease from Chamba and Dalhousie; you can opt for buses and cabs. 


The calmness and serenity of nature stand steadfast in the mountain village of Kheerganga, located 2690 meters, in the foothills of the Himalayas. Witness the beauty of Kheerganga, adorning the charming plains of Parvati Valley while gazing at the snowy peaks surrounding it. 

Things to do in Kheerganga

  • The rigorous 13 kilometers climb to Barshaini will present a land of divine beauty for hiking lovers. 
  • You can gaze upon the enthralling legion of evergreen mountains. 
  • You can bathe in a natural hot-spring.

How to reach Kheerganga?

The most interesting way to experience the beauty of Kheerganga is a trek of about 14 Kms from Tosh to here. The first leg of the trek till Rudranag is an easy hike, while a picturesque second half through the slopes till the meadows of Kheerganga can absolutely take your breath away. 

Parashar Lake  


For tourists to witness the true beauty of Himachal Pradesh, missing out on Parashar Lake will leave you with regret and disappointment. Tourists rarely visit this unexplored gem, unknown of the beauty that lies within. 

Things to do in Parashar Lake

  • You would love to gaze upon its waters, admiring its crystal clear surface; you can let your heart drown its mystical waters while allowing the snowy peaks to captivate your soul.
  • For food lovers, the food stalls around the lake can provide you with a varied set of delicious delicacies, especially in the winter months, when the temperature can drop as low as -5 degrees Celsius.

How to reach Parashar Lake?

A private cab from Manali will get you to Parashar Lake with the utmost ease.    


One of the hubs of Snow and Buddhism in Himachal, Chitkul, stands out as a real paradise for tourists with its enormity of magnanimous locations to explore and experience. 

Things to do in Chitkul

  • Whether it be the Kagyupa Temple, the Baspa River, or its serene Tibetan Monasteries, Chitkul will never run out of locations. 
  • With an average temperature ranging between -3 to-5 To degrees Celsius, you can spend a chilly winter holiday with your loved ones here. 
  • For those looking to start their Kinner Kailash Parikrama, Chitkul will stand out as an essential destination in your religious venture. 

How to reach Chitkul?

You can travel via bus, cab or private means from Chandigarh and Sangla.  


Lovers of nature will find their ideal abode within the small town of Mashobra, intensifying the beauty of the Shimla District. The city, known for its historical importance, can also distinguish itself as an ideal picnic spot. 

Things to do in Mashobra

  • The gardens present an array of exquisite flowers that will surely woo your heart. Furthermore, even the President of India retreats to Mashobra once a year!  
  • For those planning to visit Mashobra for the first time, the Reserve Forest Sanctuary, Shali Tibba, and Craignano must find their spot on your bucket list!

How to reach Mashobra?

To reach Mashobra, you have two feasible options. You can opt for a cab directly to Mashobra from major places like Chandigarh and others. Alternatively, you can also travel to Kalka and enjoy a journey in the toy train that runs between Shimla and Kalka. 


Situated at the same height as Kheerganga, Kalpa’s average temperature may range from 5-8 degrees in December. 

Things to do in Kalpa

  • Alongside the snow-covered mountains’ majestic view, you can witness Mt. Kailash’s divine Shivling, distinctively changing its colors throughout the year! Its connection to divinity remains unquestionable in both its beauty and serenity. 
  • The hill-station also earns its reputation from the apple orchards, adorning the location; You absolutely have to visit it.
  • You must visit the Kamru and Sapni Forts, the Suicide Point, and the Sangla Valley if they wish to experience Kalpa in all its glory.

How to reach Kalpa?

You can opt for public and private means to reach Kalpa from Shimla. 


Even today, the beauty of the Tosh River and Glacier stands incomprehensible. 

Things to do in Tosh

  • Standing majestically at the height of 7874 meters, the Tosh Village attracts thousands of adventurers hungry for a challenging trek. 
  • The temperature can often fall below the freezing point; you should remember to take proper precautions before journeying into these mystical mountains. 
  • No matter the time of the year, the Tosh glacier and Parvati Pass will provide you with stunning views. You can witness them at their utmost glory.

How to reach Tosh?

You can opt for the buses that run from Bhuntar to Kasol. From Kasol you have to head towards Manikaran and then reach Tosh via Barsheni by road.  


A winter visit to Himachal Pradesh is incomplete without the most crowd-pleasing, flexible, and diverse tour to Manali. Be it solivagants, family trips, honeymoon wanderphiles – all tourists are enchanted and mesmerized by Manali. It still manages to procure the top position in the list of best tourism hubs of Himachal Pradesh in winters. From mouth-watering food to the most beautiful, gorgeous, and stunning scenic beauty spots to deluxe tourist lodges – Manali does not fail to offer anything to its visitors. 

Things to do in Manali

  • Admire Manali’s gorgeous scenery and find yourself mesmerized. 
  • Visit the Mall road and shop for your friends and family!
  • Spend your vacations and honeymoon in the best resorts and hotels!

How to reach Manali?

The best way to reach Manali would be to opt for the buses that run Chandigarh to Manali.


The extraordinary hill station of Mcleodganj is locally known as little Lhasa. The blend of Tibetan and Indian cultures residing in unity makes it one of the culturally rich towns of Himachal Pradesh. 

Things to do Mcleodganj

  • You can enjoy the delicious and flavorful cuisines of Himachal, Italy, and Tibet in the remarkable number of cafes in Mcleodganj. 
  • The temperature in December remains around twelve degrees Celsius. Tourists commonly visit the town of Mcleodganj from Shimla. 

How to reach Mcleodganj?

The driving distance between the places is two hundred and forty kilometers. Instead, if you get a train ride, get off at the closest station Pathankot, eighty-nine kilometers from the hill station.


Shimla, a prominent center for tourism, is the capital city of Himachal. Being a considerably paramount tourist haven, Shimla is the most advanced place for its visitors’ thrilling experience.

Things to do in Shimla

  • It offers not less than the very best sightseeing venues, fulfilling recreational pursuits. 
  • You can indulge in the most delicious options for meals and refreshments, and top-notch accommodation choices for luxury fulfillment. 
  • If you have a knack for shopping, Mall Road would be your go-to place. 
  • Usually, the temperature is twelve degrees Celsius in winters. Don’t forget to visit the Tibetan market, Lakkar Bazar, Jakhoo peak, and Vice-Regal lodge.

How to reach Shimla?

Kalka is the nearest railway station to Shimla. So the best option for you would be to opt for the trains to Kalka from Chandigarh. 


In Himachal Pradesh’s Mandi district, Barot’s rural area is among the last vestiges of tourism. Naturally, it is an ideal location for a peaceful venture, with the Uhl River as your sole companion. 

Things to do in Barot

  • If you are a railway lover, you can take a December trip to Barot, forty-three kilometers from Jogindernagar station. From there, you can avail of private or public transportation to reach the ultimate destination. 
  • Barot’s tranquil village has a standard temperature of 12 degrees Celsius; You can go fishing with government permission. 
  • The trekking camps, Nargu wildlife sanctuary, and the Dev Pashakot temple are Barot’s must-visit places; do visit those places! 

How to reach Barot?

A forty-three-kilometer bus ride from Jogindernagar Railway Station will take you to Barot with ease!

If you wish to visit Devbhoomi Himachal, you may never witness something as blissful and divine as its mountains, valleys, and snow-covered peaks. The state that sits on the lap of the Himalayas welcomes you with an open heart!

Himachal Pradesh can fill your heart with a sense of adventure, thrill, blissfulness, and majesty; standing amidst a range of every-green hills, you will witness the true essence of nature.


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