Quarter-Finalist Teams FIFA World Cup 2018

Quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup 2018

The 16 stage round has been completed with the last clash between Columbia and England on Tuesday. The tournament has been ended up with the last winner team, England, for the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup 2018. Sunday became the day of penalty shootouts. Span, the 2010 champions went out to host Russia while Croatia got the victory over Denmark. Mexico went out to host Brazil on penalty shootout 2-0.

The 8 quarterfinal team slots are filled by France, Belgium, Brazil, Uruguay, Russia, Croatia, Sweden and England.

The tournament began with 32 teams. But 8 teams are selected for FIFA World Cup 2018 after a thrilling contest in the world cup history.

We have finally reached into the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup 2018. Lots of football fans were eagerly waiting for the moment. They already touted this tournament as the best in the history.

Each round and each match of the tournament was quite surprising and entertaining. No one could easily predict the winning team. On 16-over final day round, 4 quarter-final ties have been decided.

Quarter-Finalist Teams FIFA World Cup 2018

Here are the four quarter-finalist ties and team setup for the match.

Uruguay Vs France:

On the first day round of 16 overs, Lionel Messi’s lost by 4-3. He came up short against an inspired performance from the French player Kylian Mbappe. On becoming the first teenager who scored at least twice in the World Cup, he dashed the Messi’s dream. On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo failed to inspire his Portugal to a victory.

Now on 6 July at 7:30 PM (as per IST) both the teams will be in the battle to take on each other in a high profile encounter.

Brazil Vs Belgium:

Five times winner Brazil beat Mexico by penalty shootouts 2-0 and entered into quarterfinal round.

The teams will against each other on Friday 6 July- 11:30 pm kick-off while playing on final World Cup round. Belgium should do much well than before in the 16 stage round. They should test them and should be much harder for Brazil.

Sweden Vs England:

Both the teams will appear on the ground on Saturday 7 July-7:30 PM kick off at Samara Arena. Swedes are well organized and physically strong to take their chance. So England will have to match them physically and need to open them early. Prediction for the winner is very doubtful as both the teams are the great performer.

Russia Vs Croatia:

One of the most entertaining and surprising moments is unforgettable when Russia held on Spain by 1-1 till the end of regulation and extra time. They have finally shot out Spain by 4-3 on penalties. Hence Russia is fully confident in their victory over Croatia.

On other hands, Croatia has the superstar playmaker like Luka Mudric, the best player of the tournament. Croatia is also at the peak of powers. Hence the match will be full of interest and trilling performance. The match will be held on Saturday, 7 July at 11:30 PM IST.

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