Sonepat RTO: RTO Offices Information with Code in Sonepat

Sonepat RTO

The RTOs in India aims to implement the Motor Vehicles Act formulated in 1988. They manage the traffic and control vehicle pollution. They manage the smooth collection of taxes related to the transport department. To enhance this management, the authority makes various Regional RTOs. These Regional RTOs actually make the whole thing effective. Sonepat RTO is a Regional RTO situated in Sonepat, Haryana.

Functions of Sonepat  Regional Transport Department (R.T.O)

Sonepat RTO performs many functions. The main function lies in proper enactment of the Motor Vehicles Act. Moreover, the RTO managers these functions very effectively. Let us look at the way Sonepat RTO works.

  • Driving Licence

Sonepat RTO gives Driving Licence to those who are eligible. They give Learning Licence and an International Driving Licence. Driving schools in the nearby area get their licences from this Sonepat RTO. It renews existing licences also. The RTO lees on adding to the list of vehicles.

  • Conductor’s Licence

Sonepat RTO gives one a  fresh Conductor’s Driving licence if he passes the tests arranged for that.

  • Registration of Motor Vehicle

Be it new registration of vehicles or giving RC book, Sonepat RTO does all that. If you want a smooth transfer of ownership, Sonepat RTO provides you that too. You can also change the address in RC book with the Sonepat RTO.

  • Fitness/NOC

Those who need No Objection Certificate have to apply to Sonepat RTO. The same is necessary for getting permits or fitness certificates.

  • Online Permits Application and Objection System for Vehicles

The facility of online application is available with the Sonepat RTO. You can apply for permits online. You can file grievances through the website. The RTO collects revenue as well as inspects vehicles.

Sonepat  RTO Codes

RTO/Unit Office Code
Sonepat HR-10


Contact details of Sonepat  RTO

RTO Office code: HR-10

Address for Communication

The Regional Transport Officer ( RTO ),


Haryana – 131001

Contact :91-130-2222100



  1. What are the documents required to register a vehicle in Sonepat?

You must submit-

  • Form 20
  • Sale certificate (Form 21)
  • Form 22(roadworthiness certificate)
  • Age with address proof
  • Passport photographs
  • Vehicle insurance certificate
  • Invoice for each imported vehicle
  • Form 22(A) (For not built body type)
  • Form 34 (For loan or hypothecation)
  1. What are the different types of vehicle registration in Sonepat?

There are a lot of registration types in Sonepat RTO. Let’s take a look.

  • Registration of new vehicles purchased in Haryana.
  • Form FT, Form 27 and imprint of chassis for vehicles purchased outside of Haryana.
  • Form 28, Form 29 or Form 33 in order to make a change in either ownership or address.
  1. How can I get a personalized number for my vehicle in Sonepat?

The process is not very complex. You just have to follow the steps properly.

  • Take the TR sticker
  • Submit Invoice of Sales, and roadworthiness certificate along with Driving Licence and POC.
  • Take part in bidding for lucky numbers.
  • Make payment
  1. How can I apply for transfer of ownership of a vehicle online in Sonepat?

You will have to fill up the Form 33  available online in an official website maintained by Sonepat Regional Transport Office.

  1. What are the documents required for the RC Book address change in Sonepat?

The process is simple enough as you fill-up the  Form 29 and along with it, you submit Form 33 or Form 30 as required.

  1. What are the documents required for transfer of ownership of a vehicle from another state to Sonepat?

The list of documents one must submit is

  • Form FT
  • Form 27
  • Chassis print
  • RC Book
  • Insurance certificate
  • PUC certificate
  • NOC
  • Age
  • Address proof
  1. How can I get insurance for my vehicle in Sonepat?

Every vehicle must be insured against any damage. At least a third party insurance will do. It covers third party liability and damages made to any third party property. It also covers damages caused to the vehicle. This is a must for driving legally in Sonepat. This can be done online also.

  1. How to apply for a duplicate RC Book in Sonepat?

In case you have lost your RC book or it has been damaged, follow the steps.

  • File FIR
  • Submit Form 26
  • Include documents.
  • Get vehicle inspected
  1. How to renew registration certificate (RC) of the vehicle in Sonepat after 15 years?
  • Submit Form 26
  • Get vehicle inspected
  • Make payment
  • Take Acknowledgement Slip
  • Collect RC book
  1. What is the procedure of vehicle registration in Sonepat RTO?

You have to submit documents

  • Form 20
  • Inspection certificate
  • Other papers
  • Payment

Once they verify your papers and information put forward by you, you will get the Registration number through messaging service and Mail. Later on, they will send the RC book by speed post. The RTO makes this easier to get the RC book this way.

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