The Biggest Baddest Game of Thrones Episode Ever – S8E3

Game of Thrones with every season always ceases to amaze us. Witty, violent, sometimes gorish but thrilling episodes, from the return of Jon Snow to the Red Wedding, every season has had a nail biting moment for us. But what has always been hidden somewhere behind in our grey matter was the fact that “Winter Is Coming” and with episode 3 of season 8 it did come, it came hard, furious and wickedly astounding.

With our expectations tipping the brim, we all knew that Night King had to perish but the question was with whose hands? The episode commenced with the army of living including the dragons commanded by Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen positioned to take over the gobs of the dead. As the Dothraki marched into the darkness to face the dead they soon realised the enormous monstrosity the dead were and retreated. It was then the war began and everyone from Jamie, Jorah to Samwell, fought for their lives and others but the “Long Night” kept stretching and no tricks and shots worked. There were two wars playing side by side, the one on land wasn’t quiet flourishing and what happened in the sky was a mystery, why? Cause it was so dark none of us could actually see the enormous Dragon fight choreography. The Ariel support was much needed and it did prove to be useful throughout the many parts. Just like the dragons the peculiar Melisandre also had quite an important hand to play.

While the war was on, it was obvious that the living dead could never be beaten if their controller, the Night King isn’t dead. So, the honey trap panned by council with Bran or the Three Eyed Raven as the bait protected by few soldiers and Theon was summoned. As the Night King approached Bran, the soldiers, Jon, Jamie and other characters were at the brink of death by the dead. It were the last words “You are a good man, Theon” that made Greyjoy throw himself on the Night King only to end up dead. It looked like the end of the living when Brane faced the Night King, everything seemed to be coming down when suddenly from the thin air Aarya came flying onto the Night King and heroically shattered the Night King into pieces with just one stab of her“catspaw” into his belly. That was it for the dead. What followed was the end of a terrifying night and the rise of dawn.

Was that it? Remember Cersei is waiting with her elephants.

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