Why choose Vegan Diet when you feel heavy?

These days ‘vegan diet’ has become a popular buzzword and is trending everywhere. It is followed by health freaks, yoga practitioners and even by many famous personalities including Bill Clinton, Jay Z, and Beyonce! In general words, a vegan diet is nothing but consuming only plants food and depending on them exclusively while restraining from animals and related edible products.


The sole aim of going completely vegan is to minimize one’s contribution to the exploitation of animals. It is a diet which is free from products such as eggs, meat/flesh of animals and even dairy products. A strict vegan person follows a regimen which abstains food items such as honey, bee pollen, animal derived ingredients like whey, lactose, gelatine, carmine etc. Apart from the above-mentioned reason, many people choose this because of ethical purposes or to make small contributions towards saving the environment.

Benefits of vegan diet

These sacrifices don’t go in vain. There are many benefits of vegan diet which mainly include health, ethical and environmental aspects. It generates a sense of satisfaction and gratefulness as it minimizes our contribution in the slaughtering of innocent animals just for the sake of hunger.

Apart from this, we also contribute towards saving the environment by reducing our share in greenhouse gas emissions and water wastage (1 kg of meat needs between 5000 to 20000 litres of water as compared to 1 kg of wheat which takes between 500 to 4000 litres). By following this form of diet correctly, you can have a toned body, experience better and regular sleep and get a clearer skin. Considering the health aspects, vegan diet regimen results in better digestion, low cholesterol levels, keep blood sugar and blood pressure in check which results in a longer lifespan.

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