Why did the Mughal Emperor Shajahan Marry his Own Daughter?

Why did the Mughal Emperor Shajahan Marry his Own Daughter?

It is important to clarify that there is no evidence to support the claim that Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan married his daughter. Historical records contradict this notion. Here’s why:

Shah Jahan had Multiple Wives: While polygamy was practiced during this period, Shah Jahan only had three wives throughout his life: Mumtaz Mahal, who was considered his beloved wife, and two other wives who primarily served in political alliances.
Daughters Held High Respect: Mughal princesses were highly respected and held influential positions in the court. Marrying a daughter, considered incestuous, would have been unthinkable and against social norms.
No Historical Mention: No credible historical texts, chronicles, or biographies by court historians mention any marriage between Shah Jahan and his daughters.
Confusion Might Arise from Misinterpretations: Some fictional literature or folklore might have inaccurately portrayed such a relationship. However, these cannot be considered reliable sources of historical information.

Therefore, it’s vital to rely on trustworthy historical sources and avoid perpetuating misinformation. If you encounter similar claims, fact-check them using credible resources before accepting them as true.

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