Why do girls prefer men in beard ?

When does your bae look the best? With a little bit of stubble or a rugged look? A long beard or no, totally clean shaved?

With fashion being the most crucial part of one’s existence, and trends being the God of our times, you are sure to catch a glimpse of quite a few different types of bearded men on the street. And, honestly, isn’t that a drool worthy sight for us, ladies?!

But have you ever thought, what is it about beards that suddenly churns up the hormones inside us, and makes our inner goddess break into a dance? Well, how about we have some discussions about men and beards!

It’s all science!

Not kidding, a group of scientists actually conducted a study of 8,250 women by showing them pictures of men at different stages -clean shaved/ less stubble/heavy stubble/long beard. The women were reported to rate the less stubble fine for short fun flings, but the longer the beard, the more chances to be preferred for a committed relationship.

This is clearly because facial hair is a sign of masculinity, reliability and aggressiveness- Alpha traits that every woman would love her partner to have.

Good beard makes a good dad

Connecting masculine traits with health, evolutionary psychology says that beards indicate good health and wellness, and is subconsciously viewed by women to be more capable of taking care of his family and the potential offspring.

A beard requires patience, so do you!

Men surely needs a lot of patience and calmness to be able to deal with our unexplained mood-swings, so if he has a beard long growing, he might be totally perfect for that tantrum-tackling vacancy in your life.

Hotness and Hormones

An unkempt stubble or a well maintained beard, anything that makes a man manly enough makes our hormones high and we just seem to can’t have enough of that rugged look, no matter if he is only a crush or the partner we wake up next to, every morning.

I don’t care about his face, all I care is beard

Men, just like women have lots of insecurities about their look and tend to worry about that a lot. So here’s a secret for you men. Forget all worries and just sport a beard of any length. It not only will give you enough confidence while approaching a woman, but she might not even notice your bad pimple scars or the fact that you are not nearly as handsome as the prince of her dreams. She would be already busy imagining you in various other situations!

Men need makeup too

Aren’t beards the most pocket-friendly , zero worry makeup product every guy wants? Just exist and forget about your beard if you want an unruly look to woo your woman. Saves a lot of time and provides pleasure as well!

Pleasure, pleasure and pleasure!

Just in case I haven’t highlighted this already, the touch of a beard, anywhere on our body, feels more than awesome. Be it the ticklish feeling during a kiss, the hotness of a rub of beard on our neck or that almost breathless feeling when the bearded hottie goes down, we’re in for it all. Anytime, anywhere!

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