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HDFC FASTag | How to Apply Online, Recharge & Benefits of FASTag


Fastag is the most famous word trending in the roadways department of India nowadays. With the high-level advancements in technology and modernization of the society, that day is not far when Fastag will become mandatory. This would happen at least for every vehicle passing transactions on toll plazas. Online transactions will save the time of travelers and cost of operations of the authorities. With the introduction of Fastag, trips on select National Highways have become easy and convenient. People no longer have to stop and wait in queues on their way for paying toll tax.

What Does A HDFC FASTag Do?

However, the basic confusion which arises in the minds of people is how to use Fastag. Also, the benefits they can avail by using it are also not clear to all. The most important question involves asking which offers to select for paying Fastag.  Fastag is a machine that uses the latest technique of radio frequency identification in order to collect payments. By using Fastag, one can make all the payments of toll gates from before. This way the prepaid payment can help in cutting down the cost of their trip and even help them save their time.

Why Is HDFC Bank The Best FASTag Platform?

Many platforms offer various benefits that the user of Fastag can derive by making payments through their website. The platform with the best benefits for their use is the platform of HDFC Bank. All the platforms have their own rules and processes, which such people should follow who tend to use their platform for making prepaid Fastag payments.

User-friendly Nature –  HDFC FASTag

When compared to all the platforms offering Fastag benefit, we found that HDFC Bank has won the deal. It has the least number of steps involved in its process of registration to become its user. Moreover, the recharging of accounts is also very easy. It functions instantly with the prime motive to provide convenience to its users.

The best feature of HDFC Fastag that attracts the customers is that you can link it directly to your prepaid account.  This facilitates lightening fast toll transaction and checkout. Moreover, you can even recharge the prepaid account linked for payment easily with few minutes. The best thing about HDFC Fastag is that one can use this platform even if they don’t have any current or savings account in that bank.

Fast and Smooth Transactions using HDFC FASTag

By using Fastag one can make their journey smooth and can cut down the cost of their trip by eliminating the extra cost of fuel. This is required when you have to stop for the payment of cash. It even saves time as now they don’t have to stop in the queue of the toll plaza. They can simply use the lane of Fastag demonstration and can pass easily. Now the basic question, which strikes everyone’s mind, is that how will the workers of toll plaza know that you have already paid the toll. So for that, a receipt is affixed in your glass, which reads “prepaid toll taxes”.

HDFC FASTag’s Exciting Offers and Cashbacks

If a person is too fond of going on trips, they can even have a monthly pass. This will provide them with extra benefits. However, convenience fees will be charged to the users. The number of convenience fees completely depends on your mode of payment. For example, for credit cards, it’s 1.10% of the transaction value, for debit cards it is 1% of the transaction value and for net banking, it’s just Rs 8. People are also benefited from the cashback offer. For the year 2019-20, cashback percent is 2.5%. The best part of HDFC FASTAG is that there is no minimum or maximum amount mentioned for recharge. People can recharge their accounts completely according to their wishes.

Stopping at every tollgate in order to pay cash makes the trip hectic and in order to avoid these circumstances, Fastag has been used. Fastag facilitates cashless transactions based on radio signals that allow payments at toll points on highways seamless and super fast.

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