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The increasing emphasis on the digitization of everyday resources has compelled most of the transactions to go online. With the economy growing cashless the day is not so far when fastag will become a compulsion for every vehicle using the highway for traveling. With the increasing traffic jams on National highways and state highways, the Government of India is planning to make Fastag a compulsion for every vehicle.

Fastag is concerned with collecting the toll tax online, with the usage of Fastag the toll payment will become easy and even the time will be saved because there will be no long queue in the toll gate.

Moreover, Fastag is a collection of an ample number of benefits that provide convenience in traveling. There ante numerous banks that are in the field of providing Fastag. Now the most common question arises which bank offers the best and most profitable fastag? Without any doubt the bank which offers the most effective fastag is ICICI.

ICICI fastag is a mixture of numerous benefits which include discounts, cashback, easy recharge, etc. This article will give you detailed information related to ICICI bank fastag.

Benefits of using Fastag ICICI

Fastag ICICI comes with a package of bumper benefits some of its benefits are mentioned below:

  • Cutting down the cost of fuel: Transaction can be done easily as the tag reader present in plaza automatically reads the fastag and deducts the required amount. This leads to fewer traffic jams which help in reducing the cost of fuel as no one needs to stand in a long queue for paying the toll.
  • Easy recharge: If the balance of Fastag runs out then also there is no need to worry as one can easily recharge their Fastag using credit card/debit card/ net banking or any prepaid account.
  • Reduced time consumption: Automatic transaction has to lead to a reduction in traffic loads because of which long queues are not formed on the toll gate and this helps in reducing the time.
  • Freedom from carrying cash: There’s a huge risk of theft in carrying cash but now with the emergence of Fastag this risk can be reduced as the payment of toll tax can be done online.
  • In hand transaction records: The transaction details of complete payments made on toll during your travel are sent to your registered mobile numbers which help in tracking the payments easily.

ICICI FASTag Login: How to do it?

Tensed, as to how will you log in to your Fastag account? No worry, this section of the article will deliver you complete procedure related to ICICI Fastag login

  • Firstly open the official portal of Fastag. If you are a mom corporate individual click on “retail login” and in case of corporate individual click on the option “ corporate login”.
  • A new web page will open, enter your user ID of 12 digits numeric number which has been delivered to your registered mobile number or mail.
  • Once you fill in your user ID, start filling in your password which you have generated, and click on the login option.

By doing this you can easily log in to ICICI Fastag.


  1. How to recharge ICICI fastag?

There are various alternatives present for recharging Fastag. One can recharge through Cheque, Credit card, Debit card, UPI, Net banking, etc. There are different methods for recharging for corporate and non-corporate individuals, ICICI Bank account holders, and non-account holders. Using the methods mentioned above, you can recharge your Fast Card in a jiffy. You don’t need to stand in long queues or go to a specific broker. All you need is a mobile phone and the internet and you’re all set. Recharging the money balance in your ICICI Fast Card can never get easier.

  1. How can I get ICICI fastag?

Getting an ICICI Fastag is completely easy and convenient. The only thing which you need to do is send a message and the officials will contact you within 2 working days. SMS – ITOLL(Space) Pin code (Space)Name to 5676766.

  1. How to activate ICICI fastag?

Activating your Fastag is a very simple task and can be done on your own without involving any officials. The only thing which one needs to do for activating Fastag is installing the MyFastag application and enter your vehicle details. As soon as you enter your vehicle details an option will appear “activate “. Click on that option and follow the steps guided by the website. It is a completely automatic procedure and can be done conveniently.

  1. How does ICICI fastag work?

It is basically an automatic device which releases Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for making toll payments from the attached pre-paid account or savings account. A slip is attached on the widescreen of the car which reflects the Fastag slip because of which they need for standing in a queue to make cash payment for the toll is eliminated.

Particular lane is made for the passage of vehicles which have Fastag slip attached to it and this makes traveling easy and even saves time.

  1. How to get ICICI fastag customer id?

When you get yourself registered with ICICI fastag the officials send you a welcoming mail that contains customer id of 12 digit numeric numbers which often starts with 17 or 18. Even a 16 digit RFID number is mentioned in the welcoming mail and in case if you don’t receive the id contact to 24*7 customer care whose Toll-Free Number: 1800 2100 104  and chargeable Number: 1860 2670 104. Still, if you do not receive any response then please contact Fastag ICICI Point of Sale Person.

  1. How to link fastag to ICICI bank account?

Linking your ICICI bank account with Fastag doesn’t require a long list of procedures. The user just has to install MyFastag application from the play store with their registered mobile number and fill in their customer ID and password. When the page will open it will show you an option to link your bank account. Click on the option and fill in the details required. This will easily connect your Fastag with a bank account.

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