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A blog is a regularly updated page, which is handled by an individual or group of people. Finance blog contains information on the current business trends, stock exchange, GDP, economic status of the nation, real estate, financial plans, etc. many economists, and budding writers contribute their work to this sector. Finance blogs are written by entrepreneurs, economists, business person, budding writers, etc. Some famous finance blogs are Niveshmarket, money control etc which have quite a reputation among Indian readers.

Importance of Finance blogs in India

Not all the people of our nation are aware of the current economic and financial status of our nation. Neither are people aware of the rules and regulations of taxes and loans.

Finance blogs play a major role in enlightening people about the present scenario. They are important as:

  1. These blogs would give tips on how to save and invest money.
  2. Not all the people are economists, and cannot understand financial planning. These blogs would help them understand about economy and planning.
  3. If people want to invest in the stock market, they can refer the finance blogs related to the stock exchange, learn about the market and its risks, and then invest.
  4. These blogs also give ideas on beneficial investments, mutual funds, etc.
  5. They help in understanding the tax and loan system of our nation. They also give an insight into the credit card sector.

Since all the people do not have knowledge about these sectors, the finance blogs act as a beginner’s guide to help people get around the financial market.

 Some avid finance bloggers in India are:

  1. Geet Sharma

He has started a blog named “Paisa bank”, where he shares information on mutual funds and investments, credit and debit cards, personal loan, etc. The blog has been started recently and has gained a decent amount of traffic.

  1. Manish Chauhan

He started a blog, “Jago investor”, in 2008. The blogs mainly cover topics like financial planning, tax, investment, etc. Refer his blogs for detailed and interesting stuff.

  1. Vishal Khandelwal

Refer his blog, “Safal Niveshak”, to get tips on saving and investing money.

  1. WikiFinance Pedia

This is one of the best Finance blogs in India. The online portal has everything from e-learning videos, quizzes, to Q&A sections, and glossary. It covers almost all the topics related to finance.

  1. Ajeet Sharma

FinanceGAB was started in 2017, by Ajeet Sharma and has gained many readers in a short span. The blog covers sections like insurance, personal loan, investments, etc.

  1. Karan Batra

He started a blog in 2009, named, “Chartered Club”, to help people become aware of tax and tax laws in our nation.

Some of the best blogs are handled by a group of writers and produce productive content and publish it on their web page. Refer these blogs to get an insight into the Indian economy.