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Credit Cards: Which one is the best?

Credit cards are the most important part of our bill payment system. This is the single most thing we become bothered about in life. With a credit card, it is easier to take a loan. With a credit card, it is easier to pay in advance if you do not carry cash. It actually gives us the freedom to spend our money with responsibility.

The difference of a credit card with a debit card is that with a Debit card you will have to deposit money after doing that you can spend it.

With a credit card, you can borrow money up to a limit. And that gives you the freedom that comes with a credit card.

Best Bank with Credit Cards

Every bank has its own rules and regulations. In respect to credit cards, these do not differ.

The banks that provide more offers and facilities and do not come with too many regulations are thought to be the best banks in this regard.

Let us check on some of the popular as well as best banks for having your credit cards with.

  • HDFC Credit Card

HDFC bank offers 6 types of Credit cards. They are Regular, Premium, Super Premium, Co-branded, Commercial and Cashback.

These cards have their own facilities. Some are basic and some are provided with elegant facilities.

The better the type of cards the higher the limit. In addition to that, the sophisticated cards come with many facilities like free lounge facilities, personal concierge.

Co-branded cards are designed for traveling bohemians.

On the other hand, commercial cards are ideal for business expenses and cashback cards provide you cashback every time you use. It’s up to you what you would like.

  • SBI Credit Card

SBI is famous for providing Visa and Mastercard that come of immense help in International payments.

SBI has no dearth of options in choosing a Credit card of your choice. The cards with SBI are specifically designed for a particular need.

The bank has Lifestyle cards, Shopping cards, Rewards cards, Travel, and fuel cards and Banking partnership cards. Among lifestyle cards Doctor’s card or Elite Advantage cards are famous.

To name a few reward cards mention must be made of Tata Platinum card or Apollo SBI card. Simply Save or Simply Click are the two popular shopping cards.

There are travel credit cards like Eithad, BPCL or Yatra credit cards.

  • AXIS Bank Credit Card

AXIS bank has as much as 15 credit cards with mouth-watering facilities. While Buzz credit cards are for online shoppers, My zone or Neo credit cards are for moviegoers.

You get offers on buying movie-tickets. Vistara credit cards are for those who spend on buying air tickets. There are three types of Vistara credit cards.

Privilege cards, Miles More or Reserve credit cards are to be used in hotel staying or traveling.

There are many other credit cards like Signature, Pride Platinum, Insta Easy etc. AXIS bank provides a plethora of options and you are to choose what you do not want to miss.

  • ICICI Credit Card

In respect to providing credit cards with innumerable offers, ICICI is no less. The bank has many credit cards that can be procured easily. Sapphiro Visa Credit card provides handpicked rewards, airport lounge access etc. Rubyx visa comes with flexible plans. ICICI bank carbon credit card the next level security by Visa Code Sure. There are other cards like Signature, Platinum Identity or Ascent American Express etc.

More or less all these cards have been specially designed around your needs. They come with specific features and a higher credit limit.

  • KOTAK Bank Credit Card

The best thing about getting the approval of Kotak Credit cards is that the whole process is paperless. Without requiring any paperwork, all the process continues digitally and you get instant approval.

Like any other Kotak also has categories for credit cards like lifestyle, reward, travel, shopping etc.

Some popular credit cards with Kotak are Essentia Platinum, PVR Gold, Delight, Privy League etc.

  • PNB Credit Card

PNB provides a lot of facilities on its credit cards. You can do utility bill payments with their cards. From free credit period to the revolving credit facility, from balance transfer to EMI facility, there is nothing PNB does not offer with its credit cards.

Three types of PNB cards are Global Platinum, Global Gold, and Global Classic.

While all these cards come at the same interest rates Global Classic card does not come with any fee. Such is the popularity of PNB credit cards that 77% of users termed it as excellent.

Best Apps to Pay Credit Card Bills

When you are using the best credit cards out there, you can see that these cards come with swift bill payment methods.

All the payments can be paid through offline mode. But these banks have made it easier for you to pay through online mode with their apps.

  • HDFC

HDFC has its own application that can be downloaded from the Play store. After installing, the customers need to log in with their customer ID.

There in the application they can find out the Credit card tab and entering it they can find out the payment option.

HDFC has an autopay option in case you frequently forget to pay the bills

  • SBI

SBICard is the official application for making all the payments with SBI bank. Among them, the users can easily find out the card payment option from where they can pay their credit cards bills.

  • AXIS

AXIS Mobile is the official app of AXIS Bank.

With it, you can make all kinds of payments including the bills of your credit cards.


Pockets are the popular application of ICICI bank with which a customer can do a lot of things like money transfer, shopping or bill payments.

The application supports Android or iOS.


Kotak allows its users to make payments through Billdesk.

Otherwise, you can make your credit cards payments through their Application called WebPay.

  • PNB

PNB GENIE is the application that comes with all the options to handle your cards seamlessly. You can pay your bills with this app of PNB.

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Best Bill Generation Cycle For Credit Cards

  • HDFC

Although it depends on cards, the average bill generation cycle of HDFC cards is 30 days. The bank provides its customers 20 days time to pay the bill.

  • SBI

It is the same with SBI. The billing cycle of SBI cards is 30 days. The Bank also provides payment due date and send SMS alerts to avoid levy of late payment.

  • AXIS

AXIS Bank billing statement is generated on 15th of each month. The cardholders have to pay by the 5th of the next month.


ICICI credit cards come with a monthly billing cycle. You can choose Auto debit facility.


KOTAK gives you a 48 days period of billing cycle but this offer is available for those who clear the due of the previous cycle.

  • PNB

The credit-free period of PNB credit cards is 50 days. But this may vary according to scheme and cards.

From this comparative study, we can easily take note which one is the best bank to provide us the best credit card. But in reality, there is no best thing. All the banks are offering various facilities.

First of all, decide which facilities you will require. Compare the interest rates for each card and then decide on which one you are going to apply for.

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