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Is outsourcing videos for a small business worth it?


There are a number of small businesses that utilize videos as media for their product

advertisements, promotions, or informational materials. In today’s digital world, videos are some of the best mediums of communication to the masses. However, if your video is drab and boring, it is going to get lost in the sea of the internet business world where there is massive competition. Hundreds and thousands of videos are made every day, so for your business to have relevant material, it needs to have an edge.


Videography and video editing is no easy task. This is why the services of video editing

professionals have been so sought after. Nowadays, with the rise of internet commerce, even the platform for meeting freelance video editors has gone online. You can easily outsource your videos to a professional.


What is outsourcing for videos?

Oftentimes it is very useful to delegate work to someone who is outside of your business. There are several reasons for outsourcing. One is that it can free up the work from your own employees and allow them to do work that is more suited for them. Second, if it’s a job that requires specialized knowledge, often getting a professional is the only option. And most small businesses cannot afford to keep a specialist on regular payroll, so they outsource it to an external worker.


Outsourcing for videos is still a very popular option. As video editing requires a lot of experience

and education, this job is best done by online video editor who work really hard on their projects. Many online platforms such as Fiverr.com and Upwork.com have provided a place where you can hire the services of these freelance video editors. The unique thing about these websites is that you can get a lot of information about their work. These individual freelancers often put samples of their projects and give you details regarding pricing, return, and editing policies. The best part is that you can often find cheaper rates than you would, as compared to normally hired professionals.


Things to consider before using a freelance service:

  1. Budget: One of the most important considerations for a small business is budget. Unlike

larger companies, small businesses have a very finite amount of budget to allot to making

video explainers. This is why the prices of the freelancers should be considered carefully.


Expensive freelancers are often very high quality, but you can also find hidden gems for

cheap, so be sure to be on the lookout and research their portfolio well.


  1. The Creative Brief Process: As the process of creating video essentially involves

communicating your needs to the editor, there has to be a well-mapped-out process for it.

The freelancer should offer a clear channel of communication and be willing and ready to

co-operate with your requests. Translating the client’s demands from words and statements

in an actual video is the true talent of a video editor that requires a lot of back-and-forth




  1. Time for Delivery: The world of video editing is highly competitive. Apart from price,

freelancers also compete amongst themselves on the basis of who can give you the fastest

delivery. A couple of days to a week for a short clip of a couple of minutes is ample time.


A Comparison:

Freelancers online are able to create beautiful corporate videos for you that can you boost the

image and popularity of your business. Carefully considering the costs and profile of the freelancer lets you take a breather and rid yourself of the complicated burden of video editing.


But there is definitely an alternative to this process of freelance outsourcing. Nowadays the world of mobile phone applications has introduced a new age of video editing. For a lot of businesses, the nuanced and detailed work of a professional is simply far too much. As design aesthetics are becoming more minimalistic and faster in order to keep up with our short attention spans, videos made with attractive colors and simple designs are automatically more popular than complex and deeply thought-out ones. Because of the fact that the media is so crowded nowadays, with the little space of attention that you do get, you want to push maximum brand communication to the customer.


Moreover, these video applications are also having the benefit of making your work quicker and

easier. Anybody can operate these apps, and make a functional video within minutes. Most video editors such as Adobe Premiere Clip,Kinemaster, Clipchamp, and Vivavideo are usually free services that require zero investment. Apps like Clipchamp also provide you with an amazing array of templates that you can use to produce quick and simple videos whenever you’d like. It is so intuitive that you can even do it yourself! No need to hire someone for this.



However, no matter how quick and easy video editors make your work, even as a small business, there are some instances of how Freelancers are better. Firstly, even if it costs more, you can get a much better quality product. If you actually want well-put-together and robust videos that are  stellar quality, only a professional can achieve that. Secondly, the flexibility afforded by freelancers is unmatched. You can essentially tell them anything you want in instructions, and they will make sure to fulfill it. While using apps, you are restricted by your own creativity.


All in all, outsourcing is still a great idea for many small businesses. But if it’s quick budget videos that you are after, utilizing a video editing app or a tool will also get you a solid and competent product.

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