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Policybazaar: How to Compare Insurance Policies Online?



Firstly, people should keep in mind the significance of various insurance products. In India, unfortunately, many people consider insurance to be just an expense but not a necessity for protecting financial stability. They are wrong. Because it can protect them from any financial loss, caused by critical situations.

It is really confusing to compare the numerous insurance plans available in the market. But it has become much easier nowadays if you some basic knowledge about them.

First and foremost you should consider the provided coverage and whether the particular coverage is enough relevant to you followed but looking at the amount of premium charged. No matter, if the amount of premium is a bit higher but you get the available seeking coverage, you should buy it whatever the premium amount is because it can provide an extensive protection option. IN today’s world, people compare and continuously research every purchase. Long-term insurance policies from different companies have evolved in the market, stretching their branches, so it becomes tough for general people to choose the ideal ones.

A single Insurance cannot cover an all-in-one approach. Every person’s needs and requirements as a life insured are different. Thus, insurance companies can offer them with various plans and benefits. It is important for a person to know his requirements and then compare the policies on frameworks like the sum assured, the premium payable, tenure and riders so that he can go ahead with the policy, matching his needs.

History and growth expansion of Policybazaar

Most of the time, insurance selling agents fail to offer perfect insurance as per the customer’s needs. Customers are often seen to be misguided and unaware of the crucial policy-related information. There are many fraud agents sell policies to satisfy their personal benefits and commission without caring about the customer’s needs. Customers face problems in the long run and thus hesitate to buy insurance from any agent.

Hashish Dahiya took an initiative to solve this problem and introduced Policy Bazaar in the year,2008. In today’s market, PolicyBazaar is believed to be a huge platform in India for comparing, analyzing, and buying perfect insurance, depending on quality, price,  and various important features.

Policybazaar is our country’s leading gather or and forum of insurance products. Initially, it only correlated the cost of different policies and offered the necessary information related to insurance policies. But today, this leading company does not only give support to customers to buy insurance plans but also grant service for renewal, cancellation and also the claim settlements of policies.

Policybazaar is an insurance policy gather or that works online and helps people to find the right insurance plan as per their needs and congratulates itself for bringing clearance to the Indian insurance industry. The company had a  realization of a  needed weapon to streamline the operations and sales departments .it was not anymore okay for the company to use the old  Excel reports for making decisions. Ayahs Mittal, the HOD of  Data Science, played a huge role in taking  Suspense and applying it to the Policybazaar’s data for improvements in  efficiencies thereby driving the company forward. After the implementation, the company faced a 15% hike in efficiency followed by a 10% hike in sales.

Wide range of Insurance Available

PolicyBazaar, India’s largest insurance gather, or includes diverse policies on term life, health, car insurance, two-wheeler insurance, travel insurance, etc.

  • Car insurance: What is the biggest moment to get proud of? Seeing your brand new car parked right at the parking lot. Right, you put in so much effort to buy the car, so, you must be thinking of protecting your car too. Buying car insurance is the only option in this case as it protects your car from any unforeseen circumstances. Auto insurance has become legally mandatory for every motor vehicle on Indian roads. Buying the best insurance policy according to your or the car’s requirement can secure your precious asset and that should be youth utmost priority.

A car insurance policy is compulsory, No matter if it’s a second-hand car or a new one. It can save your pocket in the future. Various types of damages are covered by a car insurance plan. Every car owner should compulsorily buy a car insurance policy for their cars running on Indian roads.

Motor insurance or Car Insurance can cover the incurring losses when a gets stolen or is damaged.IDV of the vehicle decides the premium amount of a car’s insurance.PolicyBazaar’s car insurance comparison can save your money, can assist you to get the best plans by availing discounts. You can also compare the different online insurance plans and pick the one completing your hassle-free insurance expectations.

  • Two Wheeler insurance: 2 wheeler insurance policy refers to policy, offering full coverage in case of any two-wheeler damage that can arise any time like theft, accidents, natural disaster, etc.. It can also provide security against the risen third-party liabilities like damages caused tuba third party’s property.

This insurance is the perfect solution to get instant repair costs for the third party individual’s property. Moreover, insurance plans for bike provide security to mopeds, motorcycles, and scooters, and are accessible for all such two-wheeler vehicles that used for personal and/or professional purposes.

Whether the busy bees or lazy ones, getting 2-wheeler insurance is not a burden for anyone. People have started realizing the importance to buy bike insurance because of the hi-tech advancement and establishment of new products. Even, two-wheeler insurance renewals have also become simpler with time. Let’s keep your big laziness aside and have a hassle-free renewal… Riding your precious asset without insurance and challenging the ricks makes no sense… You can bid goodbye to your financial stress just by renewing your bike insurance timely.

  • Health insurance:

The exposed upsurge of healthcare expenses has made health insurance a must for every individual to be covered. Health insurance deals with the unexpected financial crisis rose due to accidental hospitalization and illness. If the approach is the right way, buying health insurance is simple. One should be aware of the numerous health insurance policies that can offer enough coverage and choose the right one as per his insurance needs. Policybazaar is an insurance provider that has come with IRDA’s approved provision named ‘free look period’, allowing the new policyholders.

To return the policy in a specific time limit ’.Hence, it offers a second chance so that one can review his existing policy and return if not satisfied. The insurer in such cases deducting a certain amount refunds the rest paid premiums. The inclusions of health insurance plans involve cashless treatment, pre and post-hospital expenses, Ambulance fee reimbursement, routine medical checkup expenses, and hospital expenses during patient’s stay, charges for a home availed treatment and due to any pre-existing illness, etc.

  • Term insurance

A Term insurance policy is a reasonable life insurance policy offering financial coverage at times of the policy holder’s death within the tenure of the particular term policy. According to the contract, the insurance company even covers the life insured’s family’s financial crisis arising post demise of the person. These plans are the most helpful & safest insurance policy that not only provides security but also gives active loans for vehicles, housing and so on.

Compared to every life insurance plans, this particular policy gives the safest life coverage with low-cost premiums, during the entire policy term it is vital for individuals to find the perfect term insurance plan to protect the financial future of the family members. It is known commonly that buying is the simplest and most perfect way to protect the family members from the acute financial burden term insurance plan is the simplest and best way to secure the family from the financial load, in case of any emergency occurs.

Policybazaar vs. Coverfox

They look similar from a distance as both deal with insurance but policy bazaar never comes to your doorstep, they rather take your premiums via mouse clicks. The commission of a sold insurance gets divided into 80:20 ratios within   Cover fox and the agent. Whereas, Policy bazaar has a huge call center as the medium for data collection.

Policybazaar News

Policybazaar gives you updates with present news on Indian health insurance. All the latest researches and breakthroughs happen are informed to the customers.

As always, Policybazaar will go on uploading the latest news on health insurance Company’s new development or services to get in touch with the customers. You can grow your awareness of all health care insurance plans along with new trends by our provided best possible information that can help you out.

 Careers with Policybazaar

Few benefits of building a career with policy bazaar are respect for performance, fast track growth paths, rewards for new innovation and solutions, competitive compensation packages, empowered teams for rapid decisions, friendly colleagues, flexible leave and vacation policy, open-door policy, etc.

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