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: Outrageous Ideas For Your How To Choose A Credible Crypto Exchange


Outrageous Ideas For Your How To Choose A Credible Crypto Exchange

The crypto-space is still young, meaning that the number of exchanges and their offerings are still limited. As a result, it can be confusing to know where you should start trading your cryptocurrencies. This guide will walk you through some tips and tricks that will help you choose the right exchange for your specific needs.

Basic features to look for

  • A wide range of cryptocurrencies. You should be able to trade in the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple (XRP).
  • A wide range of trading pairs. You should be able to trade BTC for ETH, LTC, XRP and even fiat currencies such as USD, Euro or Yen.
  • A wide range of fiat currencies supported by the exchange in question. The more payment options you have at your disposal and the lower fees you have to pay on them is better for your bottom line when it comes time to withdraw funds from an exchange that supports both credit cards and wire transfers.
  • Security features including 2FA authentication process which involves text message verification or email confirmation codes sent before logging into their accounts

The more the better

The more features the better.


The more features an exchange has, the better its chances of being a credible one. This is because even though an exchange may have some issues with security or customer support, it could still be a good place to buy cryptocurrency if it offers a wide range of payment methods and cryptocurrencies. In addition, if you’re interested in trading fiat currencies (for example US dollars) for cryptocurrencies and vice versa, then you should look for exchanges that offer this service as well.

Consider the quality, speed and security of the platform

There are a few key things to look for when choosing a crypto exchange. First, it’s important that the platform has a good reputation and track record. If you’re going to entrust your money with an exchange, it’s crucial that you feel confident in the security of its platform and its services. A reputable exchange will also offer responsive customer service in case you have any issues or questions about using the platform.

Another thing to look for is whether or not an exchange has many users on their platform already; this indicates that they’re doing something right! It’s also worth checking out what other people are saying about your top picks on social media sites like Reddit before making a final decision—you’ll likely find some useful insights there!


A diverse offering of trading tools

A cryptocurrency exchange should offer a diverse range of tools for analyzing and trading cryptocurrencies. These tools can include:

  • Technical analysis tools (e.g., candlestick charting)
  • Trading tools (e.g., advanced order types)
  • Fundamental analysis tools (e.g., news feed, market research)

As well as other things such as:

Look for multiple indicators rather than relying on a single metric.

While some metrics may be more important than others, it’s important to note that no one metric is a perfect indicator of credibility. As such, you should look for multiple indicators rather than relying on a single metric.

There are many ways to evaluate whether an exchange is reputable and trustworthy:

  • Reputation – How long has the platform been around? Does it have a track record of good customer service?
  • Security – What kind of security measures does the exchange offer? Is there 2-factor authentication? Is there an option to use cold storage wallets? Are funds kept in escrow until transactions are complete (so you don’t lose money when selling bitcoin)?
  • Speed/Availability – How fast are its transactions processed by miners and verified by nodes on the network (i.e., how long does it take for my transaction to be recorded on blockchain)? Are there any limits or restrictions on how much I can spend or withdraw at once—and if so, what’s the rationale behind them? Do I need additional verification documents when withdrawing funds from my account—and if so, why was this necessary (e.g., compliance with Anti-Money Laundering laws)? Also ask yourself: How quickly do they respond when resolving an issue or helping me out after making a mistake while using their services; do they answer emails within 24 hours or within 48 hours; etc…


When selecting an exchange we recommend considering multiple factors. If a platform doesn’t offer all of these features, it may still be a good choice, depending on your needs. However, it’s best to avoid platforms that don’t offer at least some of them.

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