RTO Chittoor : RTO Offices Information with Code in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh.

RTO Chittoor

Functions of RTO Chittoor

Chittoor RTO performs a plethora of functions. These functions are very important. Let us check

  • Driving Licence

Driving Licence is the most important document to drive on the roads. Many people want to have their own Driving Licence. The process is very easy. Even International Driving Licences are easily available if you have the eligibility. Driving Schools also need to have licenses for running the schools. All these licenses are available with Chittoor RTO. You have to make the application. Renewing them is easier. Chittoor RTO updates the list of existing vehicles.

  • Conductor’s Licence

Many want the Conductor’s Driving Licence. For that, you have to apply to Chittoor RTO and your application will undergo the due process.

  • Registration of Motor Vehicle

Motor vehicles after being bought have to be registered with the nearest RTO. If you live around Chittoor, you have to apply for the same to Chittoor RTO from where you will get the RC Book also.

  • Fitness/NOC

No Objection Certificate is very necessary. Fitness certificates are something your vehicle needs. Permits are also an important document. All these documents are available with Chittoor RTO. Once you put forward the application, it will undergo the process.

  • Online Permits Application and Objection System for Vehicles

Chittoor RTO provides an Online Permits Application system. The objection system is also available online. You can make the applications from the official website of Chittoor RTO.

Chittoor RTO

Chittoor RTO Codes

RTO/Unit Office Code
Chittoor AP-03

Contact Details of Chittoor RTO

RTO Office Code: AP-03 DTC Annotations code

Address for Communication:

R.T.O Office, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh 517002

Email Address for Communication:


Phone No: M.Venkatarama Reddy-Landline: 08572-232508/233528

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