Delhi RTO: RTO Offices Information with Code in Delhi.

Delhi RTO

Functions of Delhi Regional Transport Department (R.T.O)

Delhi RTO performs a plethora of functions. These functions are very important. Let us check

  • Driving Licence

Driving Licence is the most important document to drive on the roads. Many people want to have their own Driving Licence. The process is very easy. Even International Driving Licences are easily available if you have the eligibility. Driving Schools also need to have licences for running the schools. All these licences are available with Delhi RTO. You have to make the application. Renewing them is easier. Delhi RTO updates the list of existing vehicles.

  • Conductor’s Licence

Many want the Conductor’s Driving Licence. For that, you have to apply to Delhi RTO and your application will undergo the due process.

  • Registration of Motor Vehicle

Motor vehicles after being bought have to be registered with the nearest RTO. If you live around Delhi, you have to apply for the same to Delhi RTO from where you will get the RC Book also.

  • Fitness/NOC

No Objection Certificate is very necessary. Fitness certificates are something your vehicle needs. Permits are also an important document. All these documents are available with Delhi RTO. Once you put forward the application, it will undergo the process.

  • Online Permits Application and Objection System for Vehicles

Delhi RTO provides an Online Permits Application system. The objection system is also available online. You can make the applications from the official website of Delhi RTO.

Delhi RTO Codes

Sr. No. State Code Annotations City Address Office Phone no.
1 Delhi DL-1 DyDZO Civil Lines Mall Road RTO Office Delhi, Deputy Director’s Zonal Office @ Mall, Delhi – 110009 011 23819191/011 23819192
2 Delhi DL-2 DyDZO Indraprastha Depot Tilak Marg RTO Office New Delhi, Deputy Director’s Zonal Office 3,@ Tilak Marg in New Delhi – 110001 011 23378877/011 23378886
3 Delhi DL-3 DyDZO Sheikh Sarai Sheikh Sarai RTO Office – South Delhi, DDA Market, Sheikh Sarai, South Delhi, Delhi – 110017 011 29259800/011 29253535
4 Delhi DL-4 DyDZO Janakpuri Janakpuri RTO Office – West Delhi, Janakpuri, West Delhi, Delhi – 110058 011 25551618/011 25531002
5 Delhi DL-5 DyDZO Loni Road Loni Road RTO Office – East Delhi, Loni Road, Shahdara, East Delhi, Delhi – 110032 011 22813475
6 Delhi DL-6 DyDZO Sarai Kale Khan, Delhi Sarai Kale Khan RTO Office – Central Delhi, Sarai Kale Khan, Delhi – 110013 011 24351100
7 Delhi DL-7 DyDZO Mayur Vihar Mayur Vihar RTO Office, Mayur Vihar, East Delhi, Delhi – 110091 011 22753800
8 Delhi DL-8 DyDZO Wazir Pur Wazir Pur RTO Office, Wazirpur, North West Delhi, Delhi – 110052 011 27217642
9 Delhi DL-9 DyDZO Dwarka, Delhi Janakpuri/Palam RTO Office – South West Delhi,
Palam, Janakpuri, Delhi – 110058
011 25624064/011 25163615
10 Delhi DL-10 DTC Raja Garden Raja Garden RTO Office – West Delhi, Raja Garden, Delhi – 110027 011 25163616
11 Delhi DL-11 DTC Rohini Rohini RTO Office, Rohini, North West Delhi, Delhi – 110085 011 27563535
12 Delhi DL-12 DTC Vasant Vihar Vasant Vihar RTO Office, Vasant Vihar, South West Delhi, Delhi – 110057 011 26146498
13 Delhi DL-13 DTC Surajmal Vihar Surajmal Vihar/Shahdara RTO Office, Surajmal Vihar, East Delhi, Delhi – 110092 011 22383900



  1. What are the documents required to register a vehicle in Delhi?

This process is very easy. The list of those documents needed for this is

  • Form 20
    Sale certificate (Form 21)
    •   Form 22 (road-worthiness certificate)
  • Age plus address proof
    Passport photographs
    •   Vehicle insurance certificate
    •        Invoice for imported vehicle
    •        Form 22(A) (For not built body type)
    •        Form 34 (For loan or hypothecation)
  1. What are the different types of vehicle registration in Delhi?

Many registrations which are available with Delhi RTO are

  • New registration (For vehicles purchased inside Delhi)
  • Form FT and Form 27 (For those vehicles purchased outside Delhi). You need the imprint of the chassis.
  • Form 28 accompanied with Form 33 or Form 29 for changing details of ownership, address, etc.
  1. How can I get a personalized number for my vehicle in Delhi?

You must not worry about getting a lucky number for the newly bought vehicle. Let’s look at the process

  • Take TR sticker
  • Submit Invoice of Sales
  • Submit roadworthiness certificate
  • Submit driving licence
  • Submit POC.
  • Bid for a fancy or personalized number.
  • Make payment
  1. How can I apply for the transfer of ownership of a vehicle online in Delhi?

You will have to fill Form 33 up and once you do this you will get the ownership transferred through the due process.

  1. What are the documents required for the RC Book address change in Delhi?

You have to fill two forms for this process. One is Form 29. Another will be either Form 33 or 33. These forms will be available on the website of Delhi RTO.

  1. What are the documents required for the transfer of ownership of a vehicle from another state to Delhi?

You may sometimes need to transfer ownership of vehicles. The process is not that complex. Documents required for this process are

  • Form FT
    Form 27
    •        Chassis print
    •        RC Book
    •        Insurance certificate
    •        PUC certificate
    •        NOC
    •        Age
    •        Address proof
  1. How can I get insurance for my vehicle in Delhi?

If you buy a vehicle and do not buy at least a third-party insurance you cannot drive the car on the roads of Delhi. Most of them cover third-party liability. These insurance policies are available online also.

  1. How to apply for a duplicate RC Book in Delhi?

Your RC book may be damaged or maybe lost. Then, you will need a duplicate RC Book. The process for this is as follows

  • File FIR
  • Fill up form 26 (online or offline) submit.
  • Include other documents
  • Get the vehicle inspected.
  1. How to renew the registration certificate (RC) of the vehicle in Delhi after 15 years?

After 15 years, one has to renew one’s RC book. For this, the process is

  • Fill Form 26
  • Submit
  • Get vehicle inspected
  • Make payment
  • Take Acknowledgement Slip
  • Collect RC book
  1. What is the procedure of vehicle registration in Delhi RTO?

Documents for this process

  • Form 20
  • Inspection certificate
  • Other relevant paper
  • Payment

Your document has to go undergo verification. The number of Registration Certificates will reach you via SMS or Email. The certificate will come through postal service.



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