How to download Deleted WhatsApp Media Again?

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app has released a newly updated version v2.18.113 for Android devices which allows it’s users to redownload deleted media files. In the earlier versions of the app once downloaded media files were not available to be downloaded again which is not the case with the new updated version.

According to the WABetainfo, the app allows users to redownload any WhatsApp Media like GIFs, images, videos, etc. by simply accessing the chat in which the media was received and downloading it again. However the media files received a long time ago or if the media folder of the device is deleted, the media would still be unavailable to be downloaded and one would have to ask the sender to send it again.

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In the previous versions of the app, WhatsApp servers used to store only ‘Undownloaded’ media files for around 30 days and were removed after they were downloaded by the user but after this update, WhatsApp servers will store the files even after they were downloaded.

WhatsApp, however, still remains a secure platform for chatting with its user’s connection and privacy secured with end-to-end encryption which doesn’t even allow WhatsApp to decrypt one’s messages and data.

Separately, WhatsApp has also released a beta version update v2.18.111 which is said to have the vCard indexing feature which alerts its user of having already received a contact card about an unknown user if the user receives messages from the same unknown user.

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