Smart Card: Learn in detail about Smart Card Driving Licence

Smart Card Driving Licence

Technology has changed how things are done and with each passing day it changes something for the better. The old and vulnerable driving licences printed on paper are now being replaced by smart cards. Earlier laminating your smart card was the most you could do to ensure that it does not get destroyed or torn but these problems have become obsolete thanks to the introduction of Smart Card Driving Licence. You can apply for a smart card driving licence at your regional RTO.

What is a smart card driving licence?

A smart card driving licence is an innovation based on how technology has allowed us to store information on magnetic strips and microchips. Storing a huge amount of information in a tiny microchip on a credit card can also be applied to any other identity card. The smart card consists of a microchip and a magnetic strip that is installed in a durable plastic card and it cannot be tampered or changed by external means, only read. It contains all the necessary details about the holder.

Authorities can easily access all the information about a person through their smart card driving licence. The card also provides protection against accidental damage as the card is very durable and won’t be torn, disfigured or mutilated due to water.

What are the advantages of a Smart Card?

Carrying a smart card makes things much simpler for a Sarathi. Here are a few advantages of carrying a smart card instead of a conventional driving licence printed on a paper or in a book:

  • All the relevant information is stored permanently and is safe from any tampering or damage
  • The smart card also contains your biometric data and much more details which could not be stored on paper
  • The smart card cannot be tampered with and your data cannot be altered. It is read only and any data within it is always safe
  • The data can only be modified by special software used by RTO and no one else can edit it or erase it
  • As smart card requires biometric data, fake driving licence are no longer an issue
  • It can withstand water and heat and won’t be destroyed because of being exposed to the elements

Smart Card Eligibility

To be eligible for a smart card driving licence and become a sarathi you must fulfil the following criteria:

  • One must be above 18 years of age to apply for a motorcycle and/or LMV smart card driving licence
  • One must be above 16 years of age to apply for a learner’s licence for a motorcycle of engine capacity 50CC

Documents Required for Smart Card

To avail a smart card driving licence and become a sarathi you need to furnish the following documents:

  • Address proof
  • Age proof
  • Form 4
  • Form 1
  • Form 1A
  • Smart card driving licence form
  • Passport photographs

How to apply for a smart card?

You can apply for a smart card driving licence in India via both online and offline methods. Once you get your smart card you are now officially a Sarathi and can now drive vehicles as permitted in your driving licence throughout India.

To apply online:

  • Visit your State transport department website
  • Navigate to the application for smart card driving licence
  • Fill the form as per instructions
  • Attach the scanned copy of required documents
  • Pay the required fees
  • Book a slot for driving test at your regional RTO
  • Give the test and once you pass, your smart card driving licence will be delivered within a week

To apply offline:

  • Visit your regional RTO
  • Enquire about whether they issue a Smart Card RTO
  • Fill the application form for smart card
  • Record your biometrics at the RTO
  • Attach the required documents to your application
  • Book a slot for your driving licence
  • Give your driving test and after passing, your smart card driving licence will be delivered to you within a week

What does Smart Card Driving Licence Contain?

Your smart card contains the following information:

  • Basic personal details and licence type details visible on the card
  • Date of issue and other confidential information within the machine-readable chip
  • Important rules and regulations as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988


  1. What are the fees of the smart card driving licence?
  • The applicant has to pay a fee of INR 200 for a smart card driving licence
  1. Do all states issue smart card driving licence?
  • You must enquire at your regional RTO whether your state issues a smart card
  1. Is smart card driving licence mandatory?
  • The smart card driving licence is not mandatory and only optional
  1. Can I check online whether my state offers smart card?
  • You can go to your state road transport authority website and check if smart card service is available
  1. Can I get a duplicate smart card if I lose mine?
  • You can apply for a duplicate smart card through the proper procedure as provided on your state transport authority website or as told by the RTO.

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