Earrings: The best suited!

Accessories are a crucial part of your dress. Hold on for a second and remember, got it? From a wrapped saree to a chic-y top, every dress needs a speaker and the face, the eyes, the ears, they just speak out for the look; you are upholding. Earrings are the most easy-to-go and at the same time the most complementing accessory for the outfit.

Let’s have a walk down the lanes of History, earrings were worn by not just women but men too, thanks to our filmmakers and docents who have over time made us aware of the historical artefacts. The earrings symbolize the then prevalent culture and socio-economic strata of the era. Sometimes the carvings and designs would give you an idea of the religious aspect of those, everything is just a matter of faith and perspective.

Wherever you go, you want to carry off your looks to the fullest, and the sassiest!
Earrings just are the best to complete your look and give you a different spot in the same space. Strange isn’t it, a small piece of metal embellishment or a funky piece of fibre is doing so much for your dress. Be it an office party, to a work-wear, a lavish dinner to a rogue picnic, a shopping day to an elegant evening! We have it all!

Talking about the tinge!

Gold: The most traditional and conventional form of moulding metals to ornaments get us back to the precious metal gold. Let’s not forget that the anti-allergic gold rings and dangles still trends in the market. People look for the designs, yes; they’ll look for the price, yes; but they can’t help to not look at the gravity of the impression the golden traditional designs make!

Diamond: The name itself is enough to impress people as the costing here matters the most. Even if the designs are antique and not that resonating to your dress, just because it’s a diamond dude, it would work.

Coming to the designs and delicacy of the diamonds, one is well aware that the hardest material on earth and cutting and moulding it into tiny fittings is not a piece of cake, it needs some real talent and technology: that’s where feasibility comes and the masses cannot go for the diamond jewellery. So this section of earrings is mainly reserved sort of for the upper sections of the society.

Silver and Platinum: Similar to Gold these precious elements have a lot of marketing in the field of the fashionista, as the metallic love and the grey lustre never goes out of the picture. People love what is more durable and trendy and these metals are just the ones!

Pearls: The elegant, the modest, the charismatic, the delicate look is best complemented by the beautiful pearls and the dangles of pearls are never out of the fashion, some things are better left with their original essence. These beautiful pearls are so balanced fusion of class and fashion that you can wear it with almost all kind of dresses.

Metals: We have already talked about all the precious metals, coming to the artificially designed metal earrings for the marketing and better reach in the masses. Price of everything that is sold matters so the earrings which are not so expensive but they would give you the feeling of being in the race and you can have the designs fitted with pearls and stones and gems and fibres, its so versatile, to see how metals can be incorporated into moulding ornamental beauty for the buyers.

Thread: “Not so new, taken from the old, still ruling over the crowds with all that it has got”, the thread earrings have been in the fashion and its ratings have just seen the positive leaps. First of all, it’s so easy and light and could be easily mixed and matched with the other materials and could provide you with a classy and sassy earring!

The earrings are of various shapes and sizes for different occasions and whatnot; it actually depends on what the dress is all about and what is the story it is presenting to the world. The main work of an earring is to compliment and complement the look your outfit is presenting.

Coming to the designs, we have dangle earrings, lobes, rings, studs, threads, droppings, feathers, geometric, meshed wires, and many more. Fashion is one thing that never stops surprising you in its own ways.

Talking about the trending buzz that the earrings have around them, we have tassel and thread hovering in the market, with its all kind of fusion. The evergreen metal embellishments and dangled pearls are what a traditional attire sought for these wedding season. And rest is up to the fashion stylists and the customers obviously, that how they want their earrings to speak loud and clear when the ear will be busy listening to the clatters and praise!

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