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Indian History Books Archives – The Treasure Trove of Indian History

Indian History Books

Indian History Books

Impact Of Indian History:  “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots” by Marcus Garvey. History is referred to as an academic principle which is used as a narrative to analyze a sequence of event that has happened in the past and to determine the causes and effect of it.

The fossils of early human being have been found in Africa about 2.6 million years back, so India was inhabited later than Africa. India is a country in South Asia whose name comes from the Indus River.

Indian History

Indian History: To better understand History Of India

Indian history can be divided into 3 categories’: –

  1. Ancient History
  2. Medieval History
  3. Modern history

Ancient Indian History: – Ancient history can define as the time when early settlements started, India’s Ancient Past captures the historical strides from Neolithic and Chalcolithic times to Harappan civilization, Vedic times, a rise of Maurya’s, Gupta’s. Rise and fall of kings and much more comes under Ancient History of India.

Medieval Indian History: – This period details about the empires that governed different parts of the country from the eighth to the eighteenth century. The series of invasions by rulers from different countries and ruled the Indian subcontinent

Modern Indian History: – This period details about the time when The European’s started invading in India with the purpose of Trading but later on ruled in India and exploited it for their own benefit till 1947(India Independence)

We have all read history books in our schools, but the content in these books was very limited, to better understand History of India there are various Indian History Books available in the market, written by some of the famous historians, professors and authors describing each and every event and period in detail. One having the keen interest in knowing their roots and history of their nation should give these books a reading. These books take the reader on a journey through time, these books are very informative whether you are a student a layman or a teacher.

Benefits Of Reading Indian History Books

  • Awareness: Reading history books makes us aware of our past and provides insight into the processes and events in the past.
  • Inspiration: Reading these books one gets to know about historical events and legends, which inspires them.
  • Helpful For New Generation: Without the knowledge of our History, the new generation will have no knowledge of the struggles and what was laid down to make the present life better.
  • Getting To know The roots: History books are very helpful for those who have the keen interest in getting to know their roots and how things were back then in the past.

Best Indian History Books.

Best Indian History Books

  1. Discovery Of India – by Jawaharlal Nehru
  2. Freedom at Midnight- by Dominique Lapierre
  3. The Argumentative Indian- by Amartya Sen
  4. India After Gandhi- by Ram Chandra Guha
  5. The Wonder that Was India- by A L Basha
  6. The Great Indian Novel- by Shashi Tharoor
  7. A Corner Of A Foreign Field- by Ram Chandra Guha
  8. The last Mughal- by William Dalrymple
  9. India: A History- by John Keay
  10. Alberuni’s India- by Alberuni

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