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Marketing Book Archives – Marketing Books You Can’t Miss

Marketing is an activity or process of creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. In simple words marketing is an activity through which a company let their target customers know about their product and induces them to buy their product.

Marketing Books

Marketing is considered as backbone of the business, no matter how brilliant your product is but without proper marketing methods all can go in vain. For someone who has no knowledge of marketing can start by reading “Marketing Books”.

Marketing Books

Marketing books not only teaches about different marketing tools and strategies that can be applied in a business but they also teach us value for life, different human behavior like procrastination. These books are not only a must read for a marketing professional or student pursuing MBA but also to normal persons as these books are very helpful in many ways.

Internet is considered to be one of the best sources to find these marketing books, there are many expert marketers and philosophers who have written books on marketing strategies and their implementation

Some famous Marketing Book Authors

  • Philip Kotler
  • Martin Lindstrom
  • Chris Anderson
  • Perry Marshal
  • Emanuel Rosen

These are one of the famous authors with some of the best-selling marketing books.

Benefits of Reading Marketing Books

Reading marketing books and magazines have a lot of benefits:

  • To Marketing Professional: Reading marketing books has many profitable benefits to a marketing professional, as in this dynamic and competitive business environment marketing is considered as backbone of the company, these books have new ideas, trends, new solutions and disruptions one faces during marketing. reading these books gives motivation to an individual as to how one should face real life marketing problems.
  • To Student: For someone who’s perusing a career in the field of marketing these marketing books are a must for them to read as it helps them to understand the kind of challenges one has to face in the current market and thought process one should have in order to analyze the problem and solve them.
  • These marketing books also act as a motivator to the student as it gives them a sense of confidence and makes them ready for all the challenges they are about to face.
  • Non-Professionals/ layman’s: These marketing books are written in layman’s language i.e.; in plain normal English and can be understood by anyone, marketing books give a “way of life” and behaviors that affect our day to day life.

Marketing Books

Marketing Books

For Beginners: For someone who wants to start reading these books

  1. A) Eat That Frog- by Brian Tracy
  2. B) Marketing, A love story- by Bernadette Jiva
  3. C) The Life- Changing Magic of Tidying Up-by Marie Kondo

These books are very influential and beneficial for beginners as these books have short chapters and have only 200-250 pages.

Famous Marketing books:

  1. The Long Tail
  2. Guerilla Marketing
  3. Permission Marketing
  4. Buy-ology
  5. Positioning
  6. Influence
  7. Selling the Invisible
  8. The Life of PT Barnum
  9. Crossing the Chasm
  10. Hit Makers

These are top 10 best marketing books available.

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