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Top 5 Philosophy Books: Why You should Read them?


As you all know that, philosophy is the study of basic nature of existence, knowledge and reality. It is the study of proper behavior. There are many philosophers around the world. You would come to know all about the philosophers and their contexts by reading the philosophy books. We can define philosophy in many ways. If you want to know what is philosophy and all about philosophy, then you need to read the philosophy books. There are hundreds of philosophy books to read from.

Among that, you need to read the books that are good to read. Here are the top 5 philosophy books explained.

Philosophy Books
1. Beyond Good and Evil


This book is written by Friedrich Nietzsche. The Nietzsche is the European philosopher of his age. In this book, he explains all about the Truth and God and Good and Evil. Added to that, he describes that the Christian world is affected with Slave Morality and steeped in a false piety. One cannot read this book with having interest and passion to know about the Nietzsche as a philosopher. You can address this book on the online stores.

2. The Republic

This book is done by Plato. This book remains more than exceptional in its coverage of all portions of life. In this book, the author Plato focuses on the metaphysical issues and analogies. He has written this book in a way so that every reader can grasp the things in an academic reading. Added to the metaphysical issues, the author discusses many more topics such as, marriage, procreation, music, kings, war and more. You would come to know how these topics look in Plato’s perception. You will be happy reading this book.

3. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

The title of the book may be confusing to the readers, but the contents of the book will be crisp and clear. This book conveys the information to the point. The author of this book is Robert M. Pirsig. In this book, the author details the ghost of this past life and most significant philosophical queries of 20th century. He also discusses about, why has technology alienated us from our world? If we can’t define the good, how can we live it? What are the limits of rational analysis? Because of these questions, this book remains the famous philosophy books of all time.


4. A History of Western Philosophy

This book is written by the author Bertrand Russell. This book is reckoned philosophy book ever. The reason is that, this book discusses about the clarity, erudition, wit, grace and unparallel comprehensiveness. This book is the must have philosophy book for anyone that is passionate about reading the philosophy books. This is an outstanding book to read. The cost of this book affordable. With no hesitations, you can read this book and get to know about the history of western philosophy.

5. Nicomachean Ethics

This book is done by the author Aristotle. We all know this author – right? In this book, he has raised a question, what is the best thing for a human being? His answer is happiness. He also says, happiness is not something that we experience, but a good kind of life. He says, happiness is made up of the activities of the human abilities. If you are happy means, you are living a good and convincing life. If you want to know more about this book, then you need to buy and read the book. You can find this book in online.

These are the five compositions of philosophy books that you should read without fail.

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