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Top 5 Photography Books: Why You should Read them?

Top 5 art books

Photography is all about creativity. Without creativity, you cannot develop new and unique photos. Creativity varies from person to person. Without knowing the basics of the photography, you cannot able to develop the creativity in the field. In this context, we are going to discuss about the top 5 photography books that will assist you improve your photography skills and know-how. Just reading the books is not enough, you need to implement and try the things that are mentioned in the books. Only then, you can able to enhance your photography skills.

Photography Books

Let us discuss what the Photography Books say:

1. Nature Photography

Insider Secrets – Anyone that is interested in taking wildlife photography should definitely read this book. Along with the nature photography, this book discusses all about picturing the wildlife. This book as well explains the principle skills and fundamental knowledge required to take the high quality pictures of any subject. This book is written by Chris Weston. By reading this book, you would come to know how to expose your pictures to the point to improve the quality of the pictures. Reading this book will definitely enhance your photography skills.

2. Understanding Exposure


Photography has a basic exposure triangle which includes, ISO, shutter speed and aperture. You would come to know about these three parameters by reading this book. If you really want to know about the photography in detail, then you need to buy this book for sure. This book will teach you all about the understanding exposure and how to create high quality images. This book is done by the author Bryan Peterson. The price of the book is not that high to reckon.

3. The Photographers Eye

By reading this book, you would come to know about the deeper composition of photography. This book explains the theory behind each composition of the photography. If you are someone that wants to know in depth detail of photography, then you should have this book for sure. This book is penned by Michael Freeman. This book conveys the useful information on Gestalt theory, how to use shape, line and form to convert your picture into a great image. This book contains something beyond the fundamentals of the photography. By reading this book, you can easily understand the concepts and basics of the photography.


4. Mastering Composition

This book provides a thorough examination of compositions such as color, design, theory, form, line and more. This book will let you know all about the photography in detail. You can know how to take picture perfect image by reading this book. This book is written by the author Richard Garvey Williams. You can buy this book either on the online store or offline store. The contents of the book are worth reading. Without a doubt, you can enhance your skills by reading this book. The cost of the book is affordable to everyone.

5. Digital Photography Series

Of course, beginners in the digital photography feel good to receive some tips to enhance your image quality and look. If that is the case with you, you need to buy this book. The reason is that, this book gets hold of some tips that will help you create excellent looks in your image. This book has a deep explanation of each composition. You can find great theories and points in this book. This book is written by Scott Kelby. The book is a bit costly, but values your money.

These are the Five Photography Books that you must read to develop your photography skills and know-how. Read these books and achieve yourself as a photographer.

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