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Electricity Bill

The rapid adoption of the digital Eco-Systems and cashless transactions have made it very convenient to clear all sorts of bills and electricity bill payments are no exceptions. The advanced technology has lessened the burden of monetary transactions by eliminating paper works and traveling expenses.

Paying electricity bills or making other bill payments was never easy in the past times but today all this can be performed at the fingertip. Confused, how this whole procedure of online payment is done?

This article will answer all the queries related to electricity bill payments i.e., the steps involved in online payment, how the bill is calculated, and what are the various platforms that promote paying electricity bills online.

How electricity Bills are calculated?

Calculating electricity bills at your home is completely easy. You just need to know two things and your calculations will be perfect.

The first thing which you should know is the per-unit charges of your area’s electrical board and secondly the power consumption reading of your home. The readings of your electrical meter are in kwh. You just simply need to apply the numerals in the formula.

  • 1 unit= 1kwh, after calculating the per-unit charges move towards calculating the total charges.
  • Calculate the total units accordingly and then divide it by 1000.
  • Total Charges= Total unit * cost per unit

After this calculation, the amount you need to pay will be calculated.

Electricity Bill Payment Online

Many people have assumed that paying bills online requires numerous steps which make the procedure complicated but this assumption is completely wrong.

Steps to pay electricity bills online.

Below mentioned are the steps which one can follow in order to pay their electricity bills conveniently with the help of online modes of payment.

  • Visit the official website of the electricity board in your area.
  • On the page various options would be available you can check your consumption, calculate your own bill, and can even check the updates. But for paying the bill click on the “view” option and then select the “pay bill” option.
  • On the web page, blanks for filling the details would be available. Fill in your consumer type, consumer number, and other details asked. After filling the details click on the “submit” option.
  • Once you submit the details, your due electricity bills will appear before you. At the bottom of the web page an option for “make payment” would be available. Fill in the required information and after cross-checking it confirm the payment.
  • Your electricity bill payment would be successfully registered.

You can even get the history details of your electricity bills on the website.

Electricity Bill Payment

Electricity Online Bill Payment Advantages

There are numerous advantages to paying the electricity bills online. These advantages are as follows:

  • Paying bills online helps you keep your bills in an organized way as the website is designed to record all the history of payments made.
  • Paying bills with the help of online portals saves time as you don’t need to stand in long queues for making payments.
  • Paying online bills is eco-friendly as it eliminates the paper works.
  • This mode of payment is completely secure as the details filled by you are confidential.
  • One can even avail of various cashback and discounts by paying electricity bills through online medium.

These are some of the prominent advantages of making electricity online bill payments.


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