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No one is ever prepared for life and what it throws at you. But still you move ahead with all the grace and passion that makes your life beautiful and a remarkable journey for you. Life gives you happiness, victory, failures, shows you all kinds of emotions but it depends on an individual on how they take on the experiences and inspire themselves and the society.

Laxmi Agarwal: A women of courage

Here’s such an inspiring story of laxmi Agarwal with an empowering journey of surviving the Acid attack. Laxmi is from a middle class family in Delhi, was highly passionate for singing. A 32 year old Naeem Khan wanted to marry her but she refused to the proposal. And out of rage he attacked her on the street one day with acid. It has been uncontrollable for her to bear the pain both physical and emotional. She was hospitalized and surgeries have been performed on her and through this entire dreadful journey she decided to choose the path of courage and dignity and turned her traumatic life into an inspiring journey.

Chhapaak an inspiring story of self-triumph

The story of laxmi Agarwal has inspired many women and also many acid attack victims. So the very famous director meghna Gulzar has made this movie telling the story of laxmi Agarwal in the purest form. It features deepika padukone as the main lead in the movie who will be playing the character of laxmi. The other supporting character will be played by Vikrant Massey.

The trailer of Chhapaak out

The trailer of this movie has already been launched by fox star studios on December 10. In trailer the laxmi’s character is named as malti who was attacked in Delhi, in 2005. The story shows off the traumatizing and impactful journey of laxmi and deepika padukone gives her best as shown in trailer with the prosthetics and carrying out the emotions so well. The trailer is in tune with the film announcement poster that says, “A story of trauma and triumph and the unsquashable human spirit”. Vikrant will be seen as anmol, a social activist who supports her throughout her journey. This film makes all realize the real consequences of such acid attacks and how difficult it is to cope up with it. It also shows about the solutions to such attacks by stopping the acid sales. The availability of acid and its sales should be banned so that such trauma doesn’t happen to anyone and many acid attack survivors including laxmi Agarwal has fought for it.



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