POP-PINS Movies Mission impossible 6 Fallout: Edge of a Seat Thriller Movie

Mission impossible 6 Fallout: Edge of a Seat Thriller Movie

A Must Watch Movie and A Tom Cruise Mission Impossible 6 Fallout. I think it’s,

‘Your mission, should you choose to accept it.’

Mission impossible 6 fallout is directed by Christopher McQuarrie who also made Rogue Nation and once again stars Tom Cruise is Ethan Hunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Henry Cavill and Angela Bassett and tells the story of Ethan hunts IMF team as they race against time after a mission gone wrong.

I’ve seen all the Mission Impossible films in the past and I’ve always said that this is one of my preferred action franchises of all time and except for the second film which was definitely the weakest. Each one of them has been a very impressive action film and each one of them feels unique and different and that’s because all of them have had different directors which is why I was curious to see how fallout would fare amongst the other since it is directed by Christopher McQuarrie once again and I’m very happy to say that Mission Impossible 6 fallout is here to make all other action movies look like the baby movies.

I’m just gonna get right to the point fallout is one of the best action films I have ever seen meticulously planned action sequences not just from a choreography or stunts perspective but from a cinematography perspective there are so many beautifully filmed moments. I’m not an action movie junkie but I loved this action film. I always wanted to see & that’s kind of why I’m more hard on them than others, I think I expect more out of them.

When it comes to a movie like fallout we have a star like Tom Cruise who’s doing the things that Ethan Hunt is written doing in the script, he’s leaping over buildings, he’s jumping from airplanes, he’s hanging from helicopters, he’s motorcycling through oncoming traffic in Paris and it’s the type of thing that a lot of films would utilize CGI or green-screen or a stunt double with a CGI head over the stunt doubles body of the real actor and here the action sequences are so intense and white-knuckled because they’re actually taking place I haven’t seen an action movie that I’ve enjoyed this much since Mad Max fury road this is probably my favorite of the past few years it’s just a wonderfully executed action film from beginning to end filled with set pieces that are designed to make your jaw drop and I’ve seen a lot and they’re going to because they did it there’s a helicopter-sequence that is so thrilling I didn’t want it to end I could have watched another half an hour of this sequence every single action scene in the film whether it’s a foot chase or shootouts and some big stunt sequence with a helicopter.

It’s all the best version of that that they could have done the best running foot chase they could have made the best motorcycle chase they could have made it’s hard to really understand how they could possibly top this, to be honest and I feel like this film is going to be the action movie to beat for a while this is the sixth film and despite the fact that I am a massive fan of the first and the fourth in particular I think this might be the best and I’ve only seen it once I need to see it again so the action sequences are incredible but how is the story this is where I can see some people having an issue because it is one of those stories similar to the first Mission Impossible where you do have to pay attention to just about every single line of dialogue to follow it for some people that could be a flaw and that’s fine for me I love that I love a film especially a summer the blockbuster that treats you with respect that treats you like an adult and says ‘hey pay attention & listen to these lines” mean something these scenes are important this isn’t just mindless entertainment this is meant to fuel a story and I like how this film despite its summer blockbuster trapping is actually an action film for adults that ask you to think about its plot and pay attention as far as the antagonists in this film.

I would say they’re my favorite since Philip Seymour Hoffman and MI3 they’re very strong the Mission Impossible series has had a hard time with villains before having ones that are serviceable to the plot but not necessarily memorable this film has some very memorable ones I loved all the supporting characters as well Simon Pegg as usual is very entertaining Rebecca Ferguson is terrific and this is probably the best I’ve seen Henry Cavill speaking of stunt work he has a fight the scene in a bathroom with Tom Cruise and some other guys that’s one of my favorite fight scenes I’ve ever seen it’s brutal the punches feel so real it’s fast it’s beautifully filmed with these wide angles it was just everything that I want an action film to be I was sitting there constantly in my head saying thank you thank you. You’re doing it thank you dear God thank you so much this is exactly what I wanted.

If you’re a fan of Tom Cruise this movie has like the ultimate Tom Cruise shot on top of a building as he’s running the camera is like spinning around him and it ends in the incredible stunts that people in the theater like stunned oh my god like and in unison, it was a beautiful thing I’m also a big fan of the Mission Impossible scores I pay attention to those quite a the bit I love what Michael Giacchino did with three and four and obviously what Danny Elfman did with the first film Hans Zimmer strangely has the weakest a score of all of them although he is not bad it had a very drum and bass like feel for the early 2000s but he had some really great choral arrangements in that soundtrack but here we have Lorin ball taking over at work as the composer and I’ve listened to the soundtrack over the past day and I think he did a great job although it does feel a little conventional in regards to like Bois sounds every once in a while it really worked in the film fallout could be criticized as having recycled other stories from other films I mean there’s a nuclear subplot and someone who wants to you know obtain things that could possibly end the world and it’s it’s all terrible and we’ve seen this many times before and I would say that’s probably the weakest element of the film is that it doesn’t necessarily feel like a story we’ve not seen before it doesn’t feel particularly fresh but the directing and the way McQuarrie who also wrote the film shifts the characters around and uses this team to build tension in an everysmall way that he can whether ving rhames is trying to defuse something but he doesn’t have enough hands to get the job done and he has to call someone over to him who isn’t necessarily familiar with us to help or Simon Pegg being in a room filled with a bunch of boxes and what he needs is in one of the boxes and he has to search all of them McCrory took the characters and he places them in scenarios that constantly tests their ability to do their job and that’s whyit’s mission impossible and from awriting perspective that’s brilliant. You’re constantly on edge of your seat in every scene is either a turnaround or some sort of twist or a surprise or you put a character in a scenario where he or she just can’t figure it out or it’s an incredible action set piece Mission Impossible 6 fallout is everything I could possibly want from an MI movie and it’s one of my favorite action films I’ve ever seen.

Please do see this one I would love to see more in my films although I don’t know how they’re going to top this. This is gonna be the action film to beat I think for a while.

A Must Watch Tom Cruise Movie. & I think it’s…

‘Your mission, should you choose to accept it.’

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