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Netflix: An Online Streaming Platform



Most of you people out there must already be acquainted with Netflix and need no introduction. However, for those of you who are still unaware, let us dig in. It is an online streaming platform that offers a lot of good shows and movies to kill off your alone time. Netflix has been getting enormously popular all throughout the world and taking over all the traditional modes of streaming. Let us get going and know a little more about the scenes of Netflix.

Netflix India

A few years back, we would not even have imagined the best of the Bollywood actors taking up television series. However, with most of the country getting online, online streaming has become much more easy and popular. All thanks to the network providers who have offered data connections at such cheap prices. Moreover, who would not like to watch their favorite show whenever they desire? Why wait a whole week for the next episode to stream on television when you can watch it straight on your mobile screens? These are the most common reasons which have given rise to the number of Netflix subscribers all throughout the country. Moreover, the company’s interest in expanding its business in India by launching a great Hindi series has been beneficial too.

Step by step guide to use and search content on Netflix

If you wish to search anything thought the Netflix search bar, all you need to do is follow the below mentioned easy steps:

  • First and foremost, ensure that you have got your Netflix subscription and a Netflix compatible device to move ahead.
  • Visit the official Netflix website though your default browser or the Netflix app.
  • Locate the search bar situated on the top right of your screen.
  • Enter the name of the show/movie/documentary that you wish to watch. Sometimes, just a related keyword or abbreviations might also do the needful for you.
  • Click on your desired search result. Hit the Play button. Happy Watching!

Netflix Movies

Best Movies on Netflix

  • Once Upon a Time in America: If you are a classic gangster movie lover, nothing can get better than this. It is one of the best works of director Leone’s career. It is a must-watch for any of the movie lovers out there.
  • Superbad: In the mood for a little comedy? Wait no more and hit straight to the evergreen classic of the 2007 summers, the Superbad. The storyline is based on the lives of two teenagers. They wish to lose their virginities party hard right before their high school graduation. Imagine what a fun-packed roller coaster is it going to be!
  • Rocky: One of the highest-earning movies of the 1970s, the storyline of Rocky would leave you all touched inside. Based on the life of a street fighter Sylvester Stallone, this movie will take you to the old days. The movie came out to be a big hit amongst all the sports lovers and still pertains to a classic amongst all.
  • Four Wedding and a funeral: This is the perfect one if you are in a mood of watching a rom-com. This movie was actually the one to set the bars high for all the rom-coms and transformed the same to give the world a whole new trend.
  • The Princess and the Frog: One of Disney’s last traditional classic animation (old style) series. Who does not love Disney? And who does not love a classic princess story? Moreover, it is a flashback into the classic Broadway musicals. How can it ever go wrong? Netflix has possibly got everything that one might urge to watch at any given time, at any given mood.

Top 5 Documentaries on Netflix:

  • Wild Wild Country: The documentary based on a controversial Indian guru Osho. It showcases how he took over the town of Oregon and how he grew in wealth and power. The real footage and the interviews from the community make the documentary even more exciting.
  • Shirkers: It’s all about a group of young filmmakers from Singapore who encounters a strange man. The documentary showcases how they became adults and how it changes their lives. Looking for a lighthearted yet influential documentary? This is the one for you!
  • Planet Earth 2: Each and every citizen on our planet needs to watch this mesmerizing documentary about our planet. It encloses some of the breathtaking shots of our nature. It is one of the best documentaries ever made throughout the world. You need to check it out right now!
  • 13th: Based on the prohibition of slavery and the freeing of all the slaves in the United States of America. 13th literally refers to the 13th amendment made to the Constitution of the United States. It’s a must-watch for all the humanitarians. Also, not to forget, it won the Emmy’s for the Best Documentary!
  • 20 Feet from Stardom: Everyone loves watching and keeping a track of all the famous singers and stars out there. Ever wondered about the lives of the background singers who go away unknown? This documentary drops a spotlight on the lives of such backup singers who give away their lives for singing.

Netflix Series

Best Netflix Series

  • Stranger Things: The Season 3 of this Netflix Original series is already out and people are going crazy about it yet again! Based in the eighties on a bunch of schoolboys who meet a girl who has the key to a whole new mysterious world. This Mystery packed series will give you goosebumps.
  • The Crown: It is one of the most praised series put forward by Netflix. The Crown tells us the story of Queen Elizabeth 2, starting from her life as a princess, then getting married in 1947, till the present day. All the history enthusiasts must watch it but not believe everything! If you know what we mean!
  • BoJack Horseman: At first sight, the series might seem to be a fun-packed animated story. However, let yourself sit back for just a few episodes and you might realize it all. It is a deep thought storyline with a huge number of instances taken in from the real world. The series falls as heavy on your heart as entertaining.
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events: This Netflix series has almost everything to offer to its viewers. It’s dark, it’s funny, and it’s influential, entertaining as well as a little bit weird. It’s a great watch for the adults as well as the kids.
  • The Sacred Games: Particularly more famous amongst its Indian viewers. The series has completely changed the standards of Indian Television. Based on the life of a Mafia in Mumbai, starting from his rise to his fall. The series is highly packed with a number of mysterious events happening around the city. 2 seasons are already out and the viewers are eagerly waiting for the next one! A must watch for all!

Netflix Subscription

Netflix Offers

Netflix offers a whole lot of offers to its existing as well as new users. The subscription plans might change from your location to location. Netflix has recently launched its latest plan in India for just Rs 199/month which is applicable for just the mobile and tablet users. General subscriptions start from Rs 499/month for Standard Definition. If you wish to get a high Definition subscription, you might have to pay anywhere between Rs 649 to Rs 799 at the least.

How can you watch Netflix for Free?

Netflix Login


There are a number of service providers who have tied up with Netflix and are offering free Netflix viewership for a few months. You can get on board with the services and enjoy your free subscription. It’s all on your wish if you wish to continue paying from subscription once your free period gets over. Currently, there are a number of credit card companies also who are offering a free Netflix subscription for free, Why not dig in for the deal and enjoy Netflix for free!

Netflix Download

Latest Netflix Controversy and News:

Netflix has been under trouble a lot of times due to the release of its number of controversial series. However, Netflix had been in news recently due to the dropping number of subscribers in the United States of America. Could it be the losing interest of people? However, it was pushed away just as a temporary phase by Netflix. The concerns are still floating but there had been nothing concrete from the resources as of now.

Netflix Careers:

    1. Job Post Title: Creative Assistant

Location: Mumbai

Responsibilities: Managing Submissions, Taking Notes in Meetings, Scheduling Meetings, Creating Presentations, etc.

  1. Job Post Title: Counsel, Business & Legal Affairs, Series Fiction & Non-Fiction

Location: Mumbai

Responsibilities: Contract Drafting, Negotiation and Execution, licensing, conducting legal market-specific researches,etc

  • Job Post Title: Counsel, Business & Legal Affairs, Films

Location: Mumbai

Responsibilities: Contract Drafting, Original film development and production, and (ii) licensing content, etc.

  1. Job Post Title: Project Management Lead

Location: Mumbai

Responsibilities: Serve as the go-to partner and key point-of-contact to all internal stakeholders.

  1. Job Post Title: Senior Financial Analyst, Content Planning & Analysis

Location: Mumbai

Responsibilities: Support near-term and long-term P&L and Cash forecasts, work with seniors, etc.

Building your career with Netflix can actually turn out to be a big kick for your future opportunities and lead. Moreover, you would get a great work environment and a lot of creative people around you to hang out with.

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