Ganesha Chaturthi 2020 – Celebrating Ganesha amidst COVID Fear

Ganesha Chaturthi

Ganesha Chaturthi is the celebration of the arrival of Lord Ganesha, whom the Indians knew as Vinayaka. He arrives at the land of humans, the Earth from his abode, the Kailash Parvat. Indeed, it’s a time of festivities and puja revelries for the Hindus all over the world. However, in Maharashtra, it’s one of the biggest festivals that people celebrate with a lot of fanfare, with Mumbai being its center.

Ganesha Chaturthi 2020

August 22nd Arrival

In 2020, the day of Lord Ganesha’s arrival is on the 22nd of August. It is definitely one of the most awaited days. The celebration continues for 10days and ends with the immersion of the Clay idols which come in various sizes. Indians worship these clay forms of Lord Ganesha in almost every house along with public places like the mandirs and pandals.

People elaborately decorate the puja pandals where families and friends, known or unknown, all come together in uncountable numbers. They offer prayers, offerings and celebrate unanimously. However, with the Covid-19 playing a spoilsport, there are going to be a lot of restrictions. These need to be maintained this year to have a safe Ganesha Chaturthi across India.

Ganesh Chathurthi Date

  • Ganesh Chaturthi Tithi Begins – 11:02 PM on Aug 21, 2020
  • Ganesh Chaturthi Tithi Ends – 07:57 PM on Aug 22, 2020

Ganesh Chaturthi Rules & Regulation across India

Here are some of the rules imposed in Maharashtra, one of the worst-hit states and other parts of India in 2020 keeping COVID19 in mind: –

  • The Idol height shouldn’t exceed 4ft.
  • The organizers should regularly (minimum thrice) and properly sanitize the puja mandap with ample thermal screening facilities available. At the same time, everyone should maintain proper social distancing and hygiene guidelines.
  • The puja organizers should remember that there should be no gathering during aarti or other puja related activities. Organizers should also care about sound pollution regulations.
  • There should be no procession or gathering while bringing the idol or taking it for immersion.
  • Elders and children should avoid visiting these areas of immersion due to safety issues.
  • Organizers should arrange darshan of Gajanan to go digital. They should also conduct transmission of the darshan via online portals or cable connections.
  • People should try using metal, stone, or marble idols instead of clay idols at home as safety precautions.
  • There will be no public immersions in any of the public places. Therefore, organizers should make arrangements so that they can immerse clay idols either in artificial ponds, homes, or keep for next year.
  • The rules ban the distribution of Prasad, flowers, and offerings among its devotees, this year.
  • As an alternative to cultural programs, people should give emphasis to awareness campaigns regarding health-related issues. They may include topics of coronavirus, dengue, malaria, and also organizing blood donation camps wherever possible.

The importance of following these rules and regulations is of utmost priority. Any negligence or failure to comply with these rules will attract a strict penalty. The authorities will take action against the violator or violators under the Infectious Diseases Act, 1897, National Disaster Prevention Act, 2005, and Indian Penal Code, 1860.

What to expect in the COVID situation in Ganesha Chaturthi 2020?

This year the Ganapati festivities are going to be very subdued and quiet in comparison to every other year’s celebrations. The grandeur will be missing everywhere as there will be no decorations as well as no visiting the pandals for darshan or puja offerings. There will be no gathering or cultural programs, no family and friends catching up and no distributions of Prasad will happen. Food stalls will also not be available. There will also not be any procession for the immersion that goes on almost all night long. This will dampen the festivities and the joy of celebration.

Instead of merrymaking, puja organizers are going to be focusing on maintaining a low-key celebration. At the same time emphasizing should be on the importance of sanitization and social distancing and raising awareness on health issues.

There will also not be any elaborate decorations or lightings in any of the pandals, making it a dull affair. We will probably no longer see or hear playing around, nor will we see friends and families sitting around and chit-chatting and catching up.

Why Maharashtra have special celebrations with Ganesha Chaturthi?

There isn’t any knowledge of how or when Ganesha Puja started in Maharashtra. However, during the 1630–1680 when Shivaji, the Great Warrior King was the ruler of the Marathas, he arranged for the puja of Lord Ganesha with a lot of splendor and trump in Pune.

Nevertheless, during the English rule this had just become a family affair and no longer did the state promote or entertain it. Finally, Lokmanya Tilak, a freedom fighter and social reformer turned the tide and revived the Ganesha Chaturthi. Due to this, the celebration regarding Ganesha Chaturthi holds a special place in the hearts of all the Maharashtrian people. Therefore, special celebrations also take place in this state every year.

This year the celebrations may be subdued and cautious, but the emotion attached to the Ganesha Chaturthi will prevail as strong as ever.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

Wishing you a Very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi from

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