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An Overview of Ceragem Therapy


What is Ceragem Therapy?

Ceragem Therapy is the foremost and single massager, which scans the span of your spine and offers a fully tailored massage, relieving arthritis pain, relaxing muscles and increase energy with good blood circulation.
Infrared Heat and rollers is the main feature of Ceragem Massage, which help in healing and improving overall health. Infrared rays heat the body to kindle the blood vessels, while rollers logically stimulate flow.


Most people are unknown to Ceragem Therapy benefits. Korea is the country where this therapy originated. The name of this therapy has been name after the medical equipments company, which was established in 1998.
Chinese massage method was the motivation of developing ceragem therapy. This therapy mainly focuses on the main 4 points massage, thermal therapy, moxibustion and finger pressure.

Finger Pressure is a concept of converting the physical stimulation by fingers resembling massaging by a device.

How does it work?

Ceragem treatment usually works by back rub, applying heat and finger weight. It joins therapeutic treatment through eastern customs with a blend of present innovation. The machine offers far infrareds to provide a particular amount of warmth to human body that originates via strong jade as well as epoxy boards connected on massager.

This warmth is comparative with body’s warmth. There are many advantages of this treatment. It helps in calming muscle torment and also helps in advanced body pose.Below are some Ceragem therapy points:

Ceragem Therapy

  1. Ceragem treatment helps in diminishing the muscle firmness as well as facilitates relaxation in joint pains. It also helps in advanced blood course and advanced diminishing and unwinding pressure.
  2. This treatment progressed in resistant framework. In order to ensure the after effects of using ceragem treatment perhaps take distinctive situations in everyone, dependent upon the wellbeing conditions, way of living and age. This acupressure therapy helps in healing almost 15 points in body that doesn’t constitutes any allopathic medicine.
  3. This treatment gives relief in muscle stiffness, eases aches and arthritis pains. Ceragem cure goes ahead 3 sorts of warm massagers collapsing write, manual and programmed. The cost is very expensive of this treatment hence,
  4. Ceragem provides free trials and it takes almost 45 to 50minutes for each session to end.

How to get treated?

There are various ways to use this machine and get the right treatment for your pain. Every device of this gadget is equipped with manual instructions and ceragem recommend using thermal massager twice a day. You can use this device morning and night that consumes very less energy. Anybody can try this therapy.

Ceragem Therapy

The gadgets are outfitted with finished manual instruction and prescribe to make use of warm massager twice in a day as it gives you vitality in each touch. People can go for this treatment as it has lots of benefits but for people who have gone under some surgery need to wait till 3 months to avail its benefits. Pregnant ladies, people with low stamina, osteoporosis, diabetes and other issues should avoid using this gadget. In case you have other health issues then it is better to take advice from the counselor. Do not use it on the entire stomach as great degree usage exhausts people. Youngsters can use this warm massager and change its temperature manually as this machine can hold upto 150kg body weight.


Most of the people are giving positive reviews about the Ceragem treatment. Some people also write as sera gym therapy instead of ceragem therapy.People who have used this treatment usually express their genuine views about the cure and claim that it is not an overnight cure to your pain. Nonetheless, there are reports about different reactions of using Ceragem treatment such as weak bones and wooziness. Weak bones, though look like little over stating, yet always choose the best and review a lot before selecting and using this treatment for friends and family.

Pros And Cons Of Ceragem Treatment:

Ceragem treatment

  • Ceragem therapy and Ceragem medicine is completely safe and natural cure wherein thermal acupressure massagers are used to increase the circulation of blood, improves immunity, purifies blood, align spinal cord and relieve stress.
  • Side effects of this treatment are very low when used properly. Though, side effects perhaps occur because of the infrared lights that may cause skin damages.
  • This treatment should not be done regularly as it is very expensive and it is always advisable to go to some Ceragem therapy machine center where you can get this therapy. People have different views about any product and same is the case with this treatment.
  • Most of the people claimed to have got benefits from this therapy. Machine has a roller that is very rough on your back, basically when you are very thin.
  • No disadvantage or side effects of ceragem therapy.


When you are using Ceragem treatment then make sure you take experts help and do it in a proper way. Do not take this therapy when you are pregnant or have other health issues. Always seek doctor’s advice before taking this treatment.


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