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Coronavirus Outbreak – Everything you need to know about Coronavirus



As the saying goes “You are the baker of the bread you eat”, the world is as you see it. There are a lot of things happening which are hidden from you. A Chinese intelligence officer has revealed some of the most shocking information in his article to let the public know about the true nature and origin of a deadly virus that has spread to almost 95 nations as of now. It was named as “coronavirus”. The article reveals that the so-called coronavirus is the result of research minds at china who worked for their government.

It is said that the most powerful nations worked together to make sure they dominate every other nation. They were also cooperative in terms of hiding the most advanced technology from common people. This virus was one of the many available options the government had to manipulate the public to neutralise the situations which were against them.

Reference: https://ufospotlight.wordpress.com/2020/02/13/chinese-intelligence-officer-reveals-true-magnitude-of-chinas-coronavirus-crisis/


The Graveness of Coronavirus

In one of the trials to understand the intensity of the effect that the virus has on humans, the government understood how fatal it can be and hence decided not to share it with its so-called friend nation the U.S. This became serious when the U.S decided to secretly get this virus through one of the doctors at china. In a shootout between the agents from the U.S and China, the virus was lost in the wild animal market of Wuhan, the place that is believed to be the origin of coronavirus.

The china government knew the serious consequences of this deadly and contagious disease and hence gave a fake name to the virus as ‘nCoVid’ and came with a list of symptoms. They started capturing the ones affected with the virus and buried them in mass.

The article ends with the officer revealing that his son was also affected by the virus. He mentions that no ordinary mask can stop the virus from destroying you. A special mask that is used by researchers who work on these kinds of viruses is required and apparently, it is near to impossible to provide everyone with such masks. He urges the readers to spend a good time with their loved ones and enjoy the little time they are left with.

There are quite a few major incidents that provide proof for the events mentioned in his article. This is surely one of the worst incidents in the history of mankind. As mentioned earlier, this deadly virus has spread in many nations which includes India too. This virus has affected 110,000 people and killed almost 3,800 people across the globe.


The first case of coronavirus in India was registered in Telangana. A 24-year-old software engineer who works in Bengaluru was tested positive for coronavirus. The government of Karnataka has taken measures to monitor people who were in contact with him for the past few days.


The total number of cases in India has gone up to 45 and the government has been finding ways to tackle this situation. The count of persons from different states infected with coronavirus are as follows,

  • Karnataka–1
  • Delhi-1
  • Haryana–14 Foreign Nationals
  • Maharashtra – 26 suspects
  • Kerala–9
  • Rajasthan–2 Foreign Nationals
  • Telangana–1
  • Uttar Pradesh–9
  • Union Territory of Ladakh–2
  • Tamil Nadu–1
  • Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir–1
  • Punjab—1

IAF has left for Iran to bring back Indians. The aircraft was loaded with all the necessary things required to quarantine the passengers. It will land in Tehran around 2 am and is expected to return Indian by 9:30 am. On Monday, an official said that 40 residents of Budgam district of Jammu and Kashmir who returned from Iran and China will be kept in isolation wards.


The president of the U.S, Donald Trump has signed for coronavirus bill after the virus has spread to almost 17 states in the U.S. It has also announced that a total sum of 3.4lakh will be paid to anyone who infects them with coronavirus for the sake of research to come up with medicine.

Thailand has revealed that a new drug was successful in treating coronavirus in a Chinese patient in 48 hours. The 71-year-old patient was tested negative for the coronavirus 48 hours after the drug was tried on the patient.

Disinfectants are being sprayed all over the city and people are being alerted about the necessary precautions to be taken to stay clean and safe. A vaccine has to be developed at the earliest to counter this deadly virus failing which the situation will worsen day-by-day.

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