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How Ketogenic Diet helps you trim down?

Ketogenic Diet

Known by many different names like Keto diet, Low Card High Fat (LCHF), low carb diet, etc. Ketogenic Diet is one of the most famous and trending diet going on recently. In this, the body produces ketones in the liver which is used as energy as opposed to glucose which is the primary source of energy.

ketogenic Diet


Glucose is produced in the body when you eat something high in carbs and it is the easiest molecule for your body to convert and use as energy. Since glucose is used as primary source, the fats produced are not used and therefore are stored for future. Now as in Keto diet the body is induced into low carbohydrates diet called ketosis, it helps the body to survive when the food intake is low and forces the body to be in a metabolic state. It is starvation of carbohydrates and not calories.

Benefits of Ketogenic Diet:

Weight Loss:

As it uses body fat as energy source, the insulin which is the fat storing hormone, drops which helps the body to burn more fat.

Blood Sugar Control:

It naturally helps in reducing the blood sugar because of the type of food people eat in Keto diet, and it helps immensely to a diabetic person.


Ketogenic Diet

Acne Reduction:

Because of the low carb diet, the production of lesions drops as well skin inflammation reducing the chances of acne.

Cholesterol and Blood Pressure:

Keto diet helps in improving triglyceride levels and cholesterol levels and also increase in HDL and decrease in LDL particle which helps in controlling cholesterol and blood pressure.

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