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What’s The Best Detox Diet Plan To lose Fast Weight?


To lose weight and be healthy you should follow the Detox diet plan. Before this understand the term Detoxification, it is also a kind of treatment in which we focus on some diet tips to reduce the weight. It is alternative to medicine. If you are facing health issue like asthma, depression, diabetes, low blood sugar, heart disease, headaches then Detox diet plan will be very helpful. Apart from this, it will also help you to reduce weight without becoming weak or ill. Detox diet cleans your body but it only removes the impurities from the blood, so it has no side effects.

Detox diet plan

Detox diet plan restricts you to eat and drink some things Coffee, oily food, but it has a variety of food items to satisfy your taste buds. The following is a combination of diet tips and nutrition.


Fruits are the best part of Detox diet. Always try to take fresh fruits in your diet. If fresh food is not availed then you can think about frozen fruits. Some fruits like lettuce, grapes, apple, orange and strawberries are the part of Detox diet. Take a proper amount of fruits in your diet to make it detox diet.



After the number of fruits in your diet, you have to pay attention to the amount of vegetables in your diet. Some fiber-rich food such as carrots, sweet potatoes, beets, rutabagas, turnips and Potatoes are also part of the Detox diet. Try to take raw vegetables in your diet as much as possible for you.

Lemon Water

It is the most helpful way to detoxify your body. Take a hot cup of Lemon water in your breakfast and see the result. It will keep you fresh for whole day and helps you digest the things easily as well also helpful in burning the fat.

Green Tea

If you are habitual of tea you can also take the green tea. Green tea contains the antioxidants which can fight diseases and keep you healthy. Green tea also increases the detoxification properties so you should include green tea in your detox diet plan.


Green juice

In a detox diet plan, you should contain the juice also. But your juice must contain the ingredients with detoxing properties like spinach, lemon, ginger and watercress etc.

Take the fiber-rich grains

Always try to take the fiber-rich grains of wild rice, brown rice, millet, steel-cut , oats etc. try to avoid plain bread, pasta , white rice and bagels . Fiber-rich food provides you all type of Nutrition and helps you to lose weight also.

Beans and seeds

For a detox diet, in your food include beans and legumes ,some nuts ,seeds like sunflower seeds , almonds ,cashews and walnuts etc. these all items are also part of the detox diet.

Lots of water

Drink a lot of water. Drink minimum 3 liters of water every day. It is very helpful if you are drinking lots of fresh water plus try to take hot water in the morning if possible as it is beneficial to lose fat fast.

Follow this easy and healthy diet plan to shed your extra pounds easily and quickly.

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