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Best Ways to Follow Mediterranean Diet For Good Health

Appetizers table concept for mediterranean lunch or dinner. Overhead view

Welcome to the world of fitness and body-building. In order to get a lean and awesome body shape, you not only need to sweat at a GYM but also need to be very precise with what you are taking in your stomach. Mediterranean diet could be among one of the best diet choices, traditionally followed in the Mediterranean countries. This diet contains legumes, whole foods, olive oil, nuts and lots and lots of veggies!

So, here are some of the food-Rules, that Mediterranean diet has taught us!

Only Olive oil allowed!

Olive oil is proven to be rich in monosaturated fatty acids which improves “GOOD” cholesterol in your body. So, its mandatory to switch from your regular cooking oil to extra-virgin olive oil.

Veggies veggies !!

In Mediterranean diet,  It is very important to eat green and red veggies in an ample amount! Veggies will provide you with all the vitamins and minerals that your body demands. Moreover, it will also make your GUT strong. And if you don’t have time to chew veggies, consider making a smoothie. A handful of spinach, banana and some ice and water would be a great refreshment!

NUTS removes Smuts!

Consider, Including a lot of nutritious nuts and dried-foods in your diet. Replace your cookie, chips, crackers etc with nuts and you will feel the real difference. Some of the most nutritious ones are cashews, dried apricots and almonds. All these are much better than your sugar-filled junk snacks. Also,  it is always better not to view Mediterranean diet as a diet but as a way of a healthy Life!


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