6 Prominent Job Role Of A LIC Assistant You Must Know If Going To Apply


Have you been contemplating to kick off your career as being a LIC Assistant then you have landed at the right platform? Here, we are going to add more to your knowledge. We will be explaining to you in detail what you might have to do being a LIC assistant. Let us check it out in a detailed manner – 

Apart from the assistant job profile, youth is also highly attractive to LIC AAO  job posts since the maximum basic pay is INR 32K. LIC stands for Life Insurance Corporation of India, which is indeed a big name all around the country. It keeps introducing several vacancies for eligible candidates. To become a successful LIC Assistant, you need to be good at different job profiles such as – 

  • Clerical Responsibilities – 

Yes, you may be surprised to learn that the work of an LIC Assistant is pretty much similar to the Bank Clerk work. It means if you are aware of the job duty of a bank clerk, you may not wonder about knowing the job duty of a LIC assistant. You do not need to get confused or conscious while thinking about clerical responsibilities. They are just basic and would not put any burden on your brain if you are keen to learn. 


Many of you might be wondering what it means by doing clerical responsibilities. LIC Assistant is known for performing all sorts of tasks regarding the clerical staff. You probably are portraying the role of 

  • single window operator
  • customer service executive 
  • or a cashier 


  1. Public Relation – 

Public Relations is considered an important department in every office and so the LIC. Here, you might be doing your job duty being a PR. LIC Assistant is also known for handling customer grievances. It means you will be listening to their problems and answering them. You need to help the customers so that they can have the solutions. When customers are satisfied in the best possible way, a company’s image is also lifted.  

  1. Document Handling – 

Document handling is the next job duty of a LIC Assistant. This work seems easy but it could be a bit tricky too. You have to keep various things in mind. Being an Assistant, you will also be responsible to check, analyze, and inspect different sorts of insurance documents. You have to give a thorough read indeed. 


You also need to make sure that if the provided documents are correct or not. Since it is all about the paperwork and other formalities, you need to be careful. You would also be responsible to tackle all sorts of documents coming every day in the office. It could be different types of such as 

  • Claims, 
  • Policies,
  • Settlements, 
  • Accounts And So On


  1. Customer Service Executive –

You might also be chosen to play the role of a customer service executive. It means you need to make sure that customers are getting sophisticated services and if they are happy or not. Customers always prefer to choose a company good at providing the best customer service.  

  1. Back-end Office Work – 

A LIC assistant is also expected to be good at back-end office work. You need to grab more and more information related to your desk. You will also be responsible to do a variety of job duties such as back-office work, account oriented work are some of the important duties a LIC Assistant handles.

  1. Handling Transaction – 

LIC Assistants are also responsible to tackle cash counters at LIC offices. If you are one of them who believe in doing cash related things quite easily then you will be enjoying your job the most. In case you never had this sort of experience then you do not need to worry since transaction-related job duty can be categorized as the easiest one if you are keen to learn. It means you will be being a LIC assistant responsible to look after all sorts of transaction statuses.  

You need to take this entire procedure quite seriously. Here, it needs to mention that trainees are hired only when you accomplished a particular training period. It means you need to be good at learning so that you can impress your checkers and judges. 

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