Things you must know before buying a Car this Festive Season


Buying a Car in Festive Season

Festivals in India are not just about celebrations and good times, they are also considered auspicious to make new purchases or start new ventures. People tend to postpone the most extravagant purchases for this time of the year. Cars, electronics, jewelry are some of the most common things which people buy during the festive season.

We’re sure you must have done your primary research online and even taken test drives of the models as per your preference of the category of vehicle you wish to purchase. We’re also sure that you have looked upon the car’s price range based on the fuel type and transmission.

Here are the things you should be taking care of next:

  1. Car Dealer

Dealers offer various discounts during the festive season to boost sales. If you have the facility of multiple dealers in your city you can check and compare the price being offered by them. You can negotiate the offers being made by the dealer with your own and then decide on the dealer from whom you will buy.

Some of the popular offers and discounts being offered by dealers across the country would include cashback offers, free insurance, discounts and loyalty bonus and other such offers.

  1. Car Loan

If you are looking to take a car loan it is advisable that you compare the rates being offered by various financing companies and choose from the one which is offering the most competitive rate. Make sure that the insurance company of your new car will know about this important detail until the car loan has been completely paid for the years to come.

  1. Insurance

As motor insurance is mandatory in India, your dealer might ask you to buy the car’s insurance from them. However, you must do so only after comparing the insurance premium. Car insurance premium also contributes to the overall price of the car especially in the case of bigger cars.

The dealer may also compel you to buy car insurance from him because of the huge insurance commission involved. However, you must check and compare the quotes online for car insurance from various companies and buy online car insurance if the difference in premium is significant.

Your New Car Check-List

After you have zeroed in on the dealer, your finances  and insurance policy, with regards to the purchase of a vehicle, you must take care of the following:

  • Pre-Delivery Inspection

Pre-delivery Inspection or PDI is a process of inspecting the car before you finally take it out of the dealership. Always take a prior appointment with your dealer so that you are physically present at the time of PDI. PDI should be the first step in the process of buying a car and not the last step. Always do a PDI before registration of the vehicle. PDI should involve a complete check of the exteriors, interiors, electric component, oil filters and also the spare tyre. Even check for the complete tool kit.

  • Check Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

You must always check for the VIN which can be easily found on the engine of the car. Through the VIN you can get the details of the car and also the year of manufacturing. One has to be very cautious that the dealer is not giving you a car manufactured in the previous year. Also, take Form 22 of the car from the dealer which has all the details of the car.

  • Check all the documents properly

Make sure you have all the following documents in place after purchasing your car:

  • Registration Certificate or Temporary Registration Certificate (Form 19), the RC may not be available immediately so one must take Form 19
  • VAT Invoice
  • Original PUC Certification
  • User Manual
  • Warranty cards for battery, stereo system and tires
  • Copy of insurance ( if you are taking buying car insurance from the dealer)

All these documents should have all your details like your name, address, date of birth, VIN etc. entered correctly.

  • Accessory Check

The cars today are loaded with accessories and you must not take them for granted. Check that the music system, AUX and USB device are functioning properly. You must also check that the parking sensors and camera.

Lastly, to make the experience memorable and ever-lasting, always do remember to capture the precious moment.

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