Checklist for buying Health Insurance Plans for Family


Checklist for buying Health Insurance Plans for Family

We know that you have done the wisest decision by opting for a health insurance plan for you and your family members. Now, the otherwise thing that you need to do is to take care of certain important factors before you finalize on the right plan that provides you maximum coverage when you need the most.

Listed here is the checklist you definitely need to go through while buying health insurance plans for your family:

  1. Are you looking for the right amount of cover?

There is no permanent or a fixed amount that a particular insurance policy should be looked after. After all, everyone’s needs and priorities differ. Medical costs are also increasing day by day. It is not possible for a common man to meet the hospitalization, critical illnesses, and other expenses related to surgeries. Therefore, you should consider all these factors to buy a health insurance plan for a family.

  1. Does your plan provide a cashless health cover?

Not everyone has access to instant cash. During medical emergencies, it becomes even more difficult to make arrangements for cash. Therefore look for a health insurance plan for your family that offers you cashless treatments which can also help you save your finances to a larger extent.

  1. Does your health insurance plan cover your family for a lifetime?

Medical emergencies are unpredictable. They can knock your door anytime and anywhere. Especially during your old age, you need medical cover the most. You need to ensure that the health insurance plan for your family that you opt for, provides lifetime renewability and not restricted renewability.

  1. Does your plan cover maximum pre-existing diseases and critical illness cover?

It is recommended that you should always opt for a health plan that covers maximum pre-existing diseases. Simply because any complications arising due to pre-existing diseases are also covered. Getting any critical illnesses treated requires a lot of financial back-ups. Moreover, a health plan is considered good if it covers as many critical illnesses as possible. Therefore, check if your health plan offers maximum coverages for pre-existing diseases and critical illnesses.

  1. Is the Insurance Company you opt for has a good background?

The claim settlement ratio is the efficiency of any insurance company for settling the claims. You need to do thorough research for the same before finalizing on a particular health insurance plan for your family. Also, a good customer support team is like a value-added benefit of any insurance company.

  1. Is there a good list of network hospitals surrounding you?

Network hospitals are like saviors during medical emergencies. You can avail cashless treatments from these network hospitals associated with the insurance companies. Look for a plan that has a wide network of hospitals closer to your residence to avail hassle-free cashless treatments.

  1. Is the waiting period too long?

Every insurance plan has a waiting period between a few months to a couple of years depending upon the insurer to insurer. Look for a health insurance plan for your family that has the least waiting period. This would allow you to make the most of your health insurance plan. Also, ensure you opt for a plan that does not exclude most of the diseases.

  1. Finally, are you starting early?

It is recommended that you opt for a health insurance plan for your family as early as possible. This will help you gain maximum benefits from the plan. For instance, even if your employer provides you a medical cover, you need to also have a separate cover with maximum coverage.

Do keep these points in mind before you finalize on a particular health insurance plan. This would reap your maximum benefits in the long run. Stay Insured, Stay Safe!


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