The Biggest Problem With Claim Critical Illness Insurance, And How You Can Fix It?


Critical Illness Insurance Claim

Receiving a hefty lump-sum post-diagnosis of a critical illness is always welcome. The most vital means of getting through a situation like this is making a claim for the much invested critical illness insurance.  However, the claim procedure for the critical illness cover can become tiresome if you aren’t aware of it.. This article aims to make you aware of the easiest and fastest way to make a claim if you have one.

Brief about critical illness insurance:

Critical illness insurance basically covers some life-threatening diseases that are becoming increasingly common. This could affect the ability of an individual to work and therefore may even result in loss of income. There are policies that can cover critical illnesses like heart attack, paralysis, stroke, organ transplant, cancer, blindness, etc.

Steps For Easy Claim Settlement Here is a step-by-step guide for easy and hassle-free claim settlement:

Step 1: Register your claim

It is important that you intimate your claim within 7 days of discharge from the hospital.-. You need to keep all the important documents handy in order to register your claim.


Step 1. a: Fill the form

You can visit the insurance company’s website and download the forms required for registering the claim. -All you need to do is download the same and fill all the required details and submit them online.

Step 1.b: Attach your photo ID proof

The claim form needs to be submitted along with a valid photo ID proof. You may attach your pan card, Aadhaar card, or voter’s id which are counted as essential documents while submitting your claim form. Your claim would not get processed if the documents are not provided.

Step 1.c Medical certificate

A medical certificate is the second most important document for having a claim settled hassle-free. This medical certificates of only highly qualified professionals are valid when it comes to critical illness claim


Step 1.d Investigation report

It is essential to have the investigation report of all the diagnoses that lead up to the illness. One must also have all other supporting medical documentation and ailment details ready. This will be thoroughly scrutinized and therefore ensure all the documents are in place while registering the claim

Step 1.e Original discharge documents and summary report

For registering a claim, the insurer would also require all the original discharge documents from the hospital  along with the detailed summary report

Step 2: The assessment stage

On submission of all the documents, the insurer will duly scrutinize all the documents and ensure that it is a valid claim and whether it falls under the purview of a critical insurance cover. In case the claim is not being accepted or queries are being raised at the authenticity of the claim, a specialist may be then appointed by the insurer to investigate the claim. This would generally be binding for both the insurer and the insured.

If the claim has been successfully passed, the insurer will get the insured value as promised in the critical illness insurance policy.


So, ensure that you provide correct information on the claim form and also complete the same with signatures and dates. Any missing information would lead to the rejection of your claim. Besides, having sound knowledge of the terms and conditions of the policy is most important. Because going through a critical illness insurance claim itself is a big challenge. It might be time-consuming but definitely not impossible. As long as you follow the basic process of easy claim settlement in health insurance, you shouldn’t have to worry about your critical illness claim.