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A Brief Guide on Claim Process at Star Health and Allied Insurance

Star Health and Allied Insurance

Star Health and Allied Insurance is one of the largest private health insurance providers in India. It is a collaboration between UAE-based Oman Insurance Company and leading Indian businessmen. This company’s goal is to meet the requirements of individuals, students, senior-citizens, travelers and rural customers. A strong network of around 7000+ hospitals makes it the preferred insurer’s today.

What are the benefits of Star Health and Allied Insurance?

  • India’s stand-alone health insurance company has more than 290 branch offices
  • 7000+ strong network hospitals
  • Cashless claims approval within 1 hour
  • The hassle-free and customer-friendly claim settlement process
  • 24*7 free medical advice, doctor’s consultation and personalized doctor visit if hospitalized
  • Received many awards and accolades for excellent customer service
  • Maintains individual’s personal health records in an electronic format

What is the Claims Process?

There are two ways to make a claim under a Star Health and Allied Insurance: on a cashless basis and reimbursement basis.

  • Steps to file a Cashless claim (Planned/emergency hospitalization):

You need to simply follow the below steps to file a cashless claim.

  1. Immediately approach the network hospital closer to your residence along with the health card issued by Star Health and Allied Insurance and get hospitalized.
  2. Inform the Insurer by contacting the phone numbers mentioned on the health card or the company website. For planned hospitalization, don’t forget to contact the insurance company 2 days prior to admission.
  3. Submit the health card with a valid photo ID proof to the network hospital post which verification of your credentials would take place.
  4. Fill in a pre-authorization form that would be available in the hospital wherein the attending medical practitioner will have to sign it. For planned hospitalization, a letter of authorization has to be submitted. The hospital will then send the pre-authorization form, to the insurance company.
  5. This could either be acceptance or rejection or possibly the request for additional information or documentation.
  6. If the claim is accepted, the medical bills and costs covered under the health insurance policy are settled by Star Health and Allied Insurance, while things that are not covered will be borne by you.
  7. You (policyholder) also have to also verify the details and self-attest the original bill. Ensure that you keep a photocopy of the entire documents submitted to the insurance company.
  • Steps to file a Reimbursement Claim:

You need to simply follow the below steps to file a reimbursement claim.

  1. Fill the form completely and submit documents such as claim form, discharge summary, prescriptions and medical bills. You can fax or mail the documents in the original.
  2. A letter with an approval mail would be sent by the claim management team. But, the team may also require some additional documents to have your claim processed.
  3. If the claim is rejected, the reasons would be communicated to you.

Ensure you inform Star Health and Allied Insurance within 24 hours of hospitalization. But, if it’s a planned hospitalization, you can contact the insurance company within 48 hours prior to the hospitalization.

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