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Insurance for Mahindra Bikes

About Mahindra

Mahindra two-wheelers is a division of the well-recognized business group Mahindra and Mahindra. The key reason for the popularity of Mahindra two-wheelers in the Indian market is their good understanding of the need of the people. They are made bikes and scooters especially keeping the condition of road and demand for performance and comfort in mind. Along with the high-quality engine and tires, the anti-theft alarm and adjustable seats help them achieve a higher place in the market of automobiles.  Their impressive performance has fetched them popularity in the market of various countries other than India. Their style is kept updated with modern age customers.

Models by Mahindra


This Mahindra model overshadows all its contemporaries with its performance, mileage, and other features. The MCi-5 Engine and anti-theft alarm are the special elements added to this. The digital dashboard keeps you alert. It is designed in a modern and innovative pattern and available in 3 different colors.


Mahindra bikes are launched with keeping the necessities of people and the condition of the road in mind. The 240mm large disc brakes are there only to guarantee your safety. Apart from that, the MCi-5 curve engine and anti-theft technology are also there.


Centuro Rockstar is the real Rockstar on road. Built with a strong engine, alloy wheels, electric start, it is made to amaze you. The extra-long seat will make sure that the riders get full comfort in the long journey on the rough road.


It is strong, stylish and gives a safe ride. The led tail lamp makes sure you are visible in the darkest road. The MCi-5 engine gives unparalleled mileage.


Mahindra Mojo is as powerful as a sportbike and also comfortable for a long tour. The 300cc engine is so powerful that it has become the favorite of people as soon as it was launched.


Gusto 125 is a scooter model that is lightweight and has adjustable seats to be handled by anyone easily and the 125cc powerful engine gives a power-packed performance on the road. It is available for eye-catching shades.


Gusto 110 has all those features that are important for you. The M-TEC 4-stroke engine gives a great performance. The find-me lamps, timeless tires, storage under-display make riding more fun and easier.


Mahindra Duro DZ is equipped with the 125cc engine that gives smooth acceleration and the best mileage among all contemporaries.

FAQs on Mahindra Bike Insurance

  1. Do I have to get my Mahindra bike inspection after the expiry of insurance?

It is very necessary to get your bike examined after your Mahindra two-wheelers insurance expires. The inspection may require a fee. You will get the insurance as soon as you make your payments and the insurance provider decides to give you coverage. In some cases, bike inspection is not mandatory after the expiry of insurance.

  1. Does one get any No-Claim Bonus with a second hand Mahindra bike?

As soon as you get a second hand, the first thing you need to do is transfer the name in the bike insurance into your name within the time given from the day of transfer of the Registration certificate. Your failure to do so will not allow your claim to be honored in the future. A claim is valid only when the names in the insurance paper and the registration certificate are the same. The new owner has to earn No-Claim Bonus with every claim-less year and can achieve mostly 50% prepared discount with the No-Claim Bonus. The previous owner will also carry forward his NCB and will get a premium discount with it on any new two-wheeler in the future.

  1. Is it safe to get a bike policy online?

Of course, it is safe. Getting your two-wheeler policy is as valid and safe as offline. The insurance can also be renewed online through credit or debit card or net banking. But, if your policy expires, you must contact the insurance provider offline to initiate the renewal procedure.

  1. Which insurance plan is a better option- a multi-year plan or a one-year plan?

If you want to enjoy a stress-free ride on your Mahindra bike, you must go for the multi-year insurance plan instead of the single year plan. One-year insurance brings the responsibility of remembering the expiry date and renewing it every year. One can skip the stressful period of annual renewal and paperwork for 2-3 years and can also save on premiums.


  1. Are third-party policy and comprehensive policy different from each other?

Third-party Liability insurance provides coverage on damages caused to a property belonging to a third-party party or harms or death of a third person outside the insurance because of the insured two-wheeler. But comprehensive insurance for Mahindra bike will give coverage for bike damaged by any natural or man-caused disaster along with the third-party coverage. It also provides coverage for owner-driver in case of personal accident.

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