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Aston Martin Car

Insurance Policy: When you take insurance for the Aston Martin Car, the following services are offered:

  • The customer gets the best discount offer from most of the insurance companies in the market.
  • In selected cities, the customer gets the Express claim (3-day) service.
  • The customer gets 100% support for the claims made.

Aston Martin is a world-renowned sports car manufacturer of British origin. The headquarter of this sports car giant is situated in London in the United Kingdom. In India, Aston Martin has launched four models of sports cars. The models are as follows: Rapide, Vantage, DB11 and Vanquish. Out of these, the Vantage car is priced lowest and DB11 one is priced highest.

In the following section, details of these models are discussed.

Aston Martin’s manufactured Models

  1. ASTON MARTIN Rapide

In 2006, ASTON MARTIN launched Rapide on the tough roads of India. The car has four doors.  Along with that, the engine of the car was revised, the front end got a new design, the chassis was reappraised. Also, with all these new features, Rapide’s cabin part was also refreshed. Coming to the specification of this car, it has got a V12 engine with 6 litres. The car can attain a speed of 100 kmph from 0 kmph in a mere 4.6 seconds. The top speed recorded of Rapide is 306 kmph. This car is more powerful than its old version by 17%. S V12, a model of Aston Martin, the petrol version is present in India.


  1. ASTON MARTIN Vantage

Vantage is a sports car manufactured by ASTON MARTIN. This car has been equipped with a new roof, grilles are made up of carbon fibre and the forged wheels are lightweight. The engine is powered up by V12, AM28 6 litres. In 2014, Vantage Sport S became the most stylish car. The top speed clicked by Aston Martin Vantage is 305 kmph. This car has got five variants in V12.6 L, V8 Roadster, V8 4.7L, and V8 Sport.



DB 11 by ASTON MARTIN is petrol and automatic variant, which is presently on the roads of India. The car gears up with V12 engine added with twin turbo of 5.2 litres. DB 11 has got different dynamic modes according to different drivers- Sport Plus, Sport and GT one. Merely in 3.9 seconds, the car picks up the speed of 100 kmph from 0 kmph.  The top speed clicked for this car is 322 kmph. Considering the demands of Indians, it is available in 6 colours.




  1. ASTON MARTIN Vanquish

ASTON MARTIN has made Vanquish a combination of sports and luxury. The car is powered up by V12 engine, 6 litres which generate 568 bhp of power. Vanquish reaches 100 kmph in only 4.1 seconds from 0 kmph. The top speed is lower than the other variants which are 295 kmph. Vanquish V12 has got petrol variant in India.



  1. If the insurance of Aston Martin Car gets expired, what will happen?

Ans: You will have to renew the insurance policy immediately otherwise you will have to pay penalty, even for a single day.

  1. Does engine capacity decide premium of the car?

Ans: Yes, it does depend on the capacity of the engine of your car. The cost of the insurance is directly related to its capacity, if the car is of higher capacity, the charge will be high and vice-versa.

  1. From where should one buy or renew the car insurance of Aston Martin?

Ans: You can buy the insurance for your Aston Martin from an agent, a broker or directly from the insurance company. While online insurance policy offers additional benefits as compared to other means.

  1. What will happen if the wrong information is provided during the insurance of Aston Martin?

Ans: If you do so, you will have to rectify the mistakes as soon as possible. Otherwise, the papers won’t be valid for the insured car.

  1. What are the add-ons one should look for while renewing the car insurance of Aston Martin?

Ans: Zero Depreciation, Engine Protector and Return to Invoice are few add-ons which you can look out for while renewing the insurance


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