BMW K1300: Insurance and Review


Insurance for BMW K1300

About BMW K1300

The Bavarian Motor Works is a renowned vehicle manufacturer which supply two-wheeler vehicle as well as four-wheeler vehicle in the whole world. The vehicles from this brand are significant for their use of updated technology, new technological yet easy to use features, and the attractive design. The engine powers range from 450cc to 1695cc. Every type is present here. BMW K1300 is a naked model. It was built with a powerful engine of 1293cc. In the front, it also has floating twin discs and at the rear, it has an adjustable suspension. It gives a mileage of 17 kilo-meters per liter. This model is available in two shades- Sapphire Black metallic and Dark Graphite Metallic.

Models by BMW



The BMW bikes can give you a comfortable ride on a bumpy road. The features, headlamps, wide tires, and powerful engines are perfect for sports. The two models belonging this series are- S 1000 RR with a 999cc engine and R 1200 RS with a 1170cc engine.


The models belonging to the BMW Tour category can take you through any rough and tough, long road. You do not have to worry about fuel while traveling the long way. The models in this series are K 1600 GTL, R 1200 RT, and K 1600 B.


There are a few models in this particular series- R 1200 R, S 1000 R, and G 310 R. The bikes are made with strong engines which give a powerful performance for a long time. The high technology and the wide tires make sure you never lose the grip.



There are three models in the BMW Heritage range which are- R nineT, R nineT Racer, and R nineT Scramble. These models have air-cooled engines. They are stylish as well as powerful.


The models in this category are- S 1000 XR, F 750 GS, F 850 GS, G 310 GS, R 1250 GS, R 1250 GS Adventure, R 1200 GS Adventure, and R 1200 GS. These are the models you need to set for an adventure.

FAQs about BMW K1300 Insurance

  1. Which are the incidents for which two-wheeler policy does not provide coverage?

The insurance provider will not provide coverage for incidents like-

  • Tear and wear because of daily use
  • An electrical or mechanical problem due to regular use
  • If the damage has taken place by the driver while driving without driving licence
  • In case the driver was under intoxication while driving
  • In case the damages are caused by mutiny or war
  • If the bike was being used for any work out of the law


  1.  What documents are needed to make an application to claim coverage?

To make an application for an insurance claim for a BMW bike, you must submit the documents mentioned here-

  • The insurance claim form filled up with the right information and signature
  • One copy of the existing insurance policy of the BMW two-wheeler
  • One photocopy of your driving licence
  • One photocopy of the registration certificate of the bike
  • One copy of the FIR, in cases of accidents or theft
  • Original copy of release proof and the repair bill copy
  1. What does third-party liability mean?

Third party liability is one kind of insurance which provides coverage for harm or loss happened to a third person or loss or harm happened to a property that belongs to a third person not included in the insurance plan. The incidents covered by the third-party liability are-

  • Loss or damage caused to a property belonging to third-party because of your bike
  • An incident of loss or injury caused to a third person because of the insured BMW two-wheeler. 
  1. For what type of cases does the insurance company provide coverage?

The insurance company agrees to provide coverage in certain cases only. Such cases are-

  • Loss or damage happened because of terror activity or fire accident
  • Any damage or loss happened by a natural calamity like flood earthquake, cyclone, etc.
  • Loss of the insured BMW two-wheeler in a case of theft
  • Any harm caused to the driver
  • Third-party liability coverage coverage for any harm or loss caused to a third-party or property belonging to the third person because of the insured BMW bike.
  1. Which policy plan should a bike owner go for- a single-year policy plan or multi-year plan?

When a bike owner chooses a one-year policy plan, he must remember its expiry date and has to renew his policy on the correct time every year with that paperwork. But if he chooses to go for a multi-year policy plan, there stays zero burdens remembering the renewal date and renew the insurance every year. He can save on his premiums and he also needs not to do the paperwork each year. So, a bike owner becomes much benefited when invested in a multi-year insurance plan.